Realtor’s Down Market Survival Kit Tool #5 “Global Markets”: Get Off Your Local Porch and Think Globally of Europe picked up this article 11/8/2007

Realtors no longer have to stay on their proverbial “local” porch in hopes of generating new business or fostering new business alliances. The explosion of online marketing through blogging has expanded the scope of a Realtor’s business to the point of world wide reach. Simply stated, Realtors now have the opportunity to reach out to a new market with growing buying power, through a weakened dollar, and heightened interest.

One of the newest tools to research property in Europe as well as look for investor interest for U.S. real estate is the United Kingdom search engine Nestoria. Tech Crunch’s Mike Butcher wrote an excellent article “Nestoria to offer average house price data via API” which outlines Nestoria. Nestoria lists properties in England as well as their other market Spain.

The idea for Realtors in the U.S. is to remain active researching the possible European investor wave that may be coming to the US to buy. Tom over at wrote a template wake up call about European and US real estate alliances “Florida Agency Teams Up With European Real Estate Network.” The alliance is between Michael Sanders & Co and the European Real Estate Network at This should be of great interest to brokers and Realtors who are suffering in the current market conditions-one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

In my opinion, American Realtors should take a serious look at educating themselves on their European counterparts, market trends, and possible investor wave into the U.S. Think globally and act locally through blogging. If information is king, and it still remains the currency of your expertise, then understanding this niche will help you expand your possible connections, business, and knowledge.

Of course there are often divergent views on every subject, I would be remiss if I did not include Pat Kitano’s rock solid take “Mythical Foreign Investors In US Real Estate.” As Pat asks “Where are these media reports on these mythical foreign investors?” I can only think that whether the wave of investors is a tidal wave of interest or a trickle one thing remains intact. The American market is suffering and Realtors need to educate themselves while opening up their arms to any and all new opportunities that present themselves. Better to be prepared than not to be prepared.


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