Realtor’s Down Market Survival Kit Tool #4 “Online Name Recognition”: Prevent Trouble Before It Begins

As a former Nordstrom salesperson and buyer, the first mantra we learned was very simple: under promise and over deliver. The second mantra? A satisfied customer tells two friends about their experience and a unhappy customer tells the world. The unfortunate reality is that the disgruntled customer will always remember your name while the happy customer may not always remember. The following information is not new. But it is important to continue to review and implement your solution.

Reputation management is an important consideration for Realtors, brokers, and industry professionals. Lisa Nichols makes a number of solid observations about reputation management. In a down market, the people who have the best reputation and track record garner the best chances of landing the shrinking supply of business. In the same down market, consumers become more selective and far more demanding of their Realtor.

Like reputation management, online name recognition is equally important when consumers search Google for their next Realtor. Simply put you want to make sure that you are occupying as many of the page 1 top ten positions, on a Google search, for your surname, your business identity, and for any moniker you intend to utilize to brand your business. as well as Google have stated that anywhere from 74% to 84% of the home buying and selling public begins their search for a home, Realtor, or industry professional online. Online service sites the NAR in the article “Reinventing Real Estate, Part 1: Online and Empowered Consumers Are Taking Charge and Paying Less” stating “72% of consumers begin their home and Realtor search online.”

Consequently the need for online name recognition within Google searches will effect a Realtor in the following ways:

1. Allow consumers the opportunity to find you via a surname, business name, or brand name search on Google. There is nothing more damaging to your credibility or embarrassing than to have your web site buried on page 2 or 3 of one of these searches.

2. By populating as many of the top ten positions on the first page of each Google search, your positioning hopefully will lock out competitor web sites, review sites, and any other sites that could take up a valuable position on Google’s top page.

3. Create an established “brand” that will evoke confidence in consumers. If they see you everywhere then they will rightfully assume that you are an expert on your community, in your industry, and without peer. This is the high tech and more effective version of shopping cart banners, door hangers, weekly local newspaper ads, and walking your farm.

If you embrace the notion that it is absolutely imperative that you grab these priceless Google positions on page 1 of the most important searches for your business, then only one solution will economically and throughly provide the desired results: blogging.

Authoring your own blog will provide the search engine optimization machine that will propel your campaign for online name recognition. The longer you wait the more difficult it becomes to establish your online presence.

How can I be so sure that it gets tougher, if you wait, to create online name recognition on Google? The following is the results for a name search for me: Dean Guadagni


The screen shot was taken tonight and it shows the #1 position on a Google search of “Dean Guadagni.” What is interesting is that this position is held by a blogger who I commented on one of her stories. The second interesting fact is that this blogger has not written a article 3 months! My blog is #6 with other wordpress tags for my name and subject matter placing higher.

The lesson here is simple. Blog now for positioning. Continue to blog for longevity in the searches. Develop your blog and have fun with it! Life is too short so enjoy.