The Ultimate O.P.M. Boot Camp for Real Estate Investors: Serious Strategies For Investors Looking For Answers


O.P.M. aka Other People’s Money has been the linchpin strategy in America since the beginning of the U.S Banking system. In today’s entrepreneurial landscape, more and more real estate investors are ready and willing to take advantage of the current climate in the real estate market. Unfortunately many of these people are unable to raise the capital, come up with a down payment, or understand the options available to them. The answer, as it always has been, is education and information. That is why the following information is so important for investors looking to raise large amounts of capital, diversify risk, and take advantage of the greatest real estate investors’ market in many years.

November 9-11, 2007 marks one of the most important methods to educate and inform people of this incredible opportunity: The Ultimate O.P.M. Boot Camp in San Francisco, California. The lineup of industry experts and talent is one of the most important reasons to attend this seminar. The following is the O.P.M. Boot Camp Faculty:

*Robert Helms Host: Host of the nationally syndicated real estate talk show and TV talk show “The Real Estate Guys.”

*Jeff Lerman Co-Host: Jeff is the principle of Lerman Law Partners LLP and has served as president of his county bar association, former co-chair of the California State Bar Real Estate Litigation section, and the former General Counsel for two real estate syndication companies. Jeff is known as the “Real Estate Investor’s Lawyer” having participated in hundreds of millions of dollars worth of investor real estate transactions.

*Samuel K. Freshman: The nation’s leading expert in syndications, Mr. Freshman is an attorney and Chairman of Standard Management Company.

*Mason A. Dinehart III: Mr. Dinehart has been qualified before the California courts as an expert witness in the securities industry and he has been in charge of Marketing Compliance for 200 registered representatives. Mr. Dinehart is an expert in common stocks, bonds, IPO’s, L.P.’s, variable annuities, REITS, mutual funds, and private stock offerings.

*Yunna Barats: Ms. Barats is a CPA with over 10 years of accounting experience with commercial and residential developers. Her expertise is in tax deferred-exchanges, entity selection, tax credit analysis, debt restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions among other areas of knowledge.

*Dr. Donald Moine: An expert and founding father of the new field of Sales Psychology, Dr. Moine is a Phd and co-author of the books “Unlimited Selling Power: How to Master Hypnotic Skills” and “Ultimate Selling Power: How to Create and Enjoy a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Career.”

These experts combine to make a very powerful and experienced “education” plan for your development. The next phase of this development is understanding some of the opportunites available:

*Developers and Home Builders with huge inventories of houses sitting empty

*Owners losing money to negative cash flow because they can not refinance their adjusting loans

*Buyers of any property who can’t get the funding they need to close

*Motivated sellers willing to sell at below market rates in order to move

*Buyers who contracted to buy pre construction deals and can not get loans to close

These opportunites can and will be available to those people who understand the strategies to buying. The following are a few of those powerful strategies:


*Pre-Construction purchasing multiple lots rather than one

*Development Deals which offer a high return on investment

*Existing fixer uppers

*Fund your new business

*Your existing investments

Once you become educated to the O.P.M strategies you will enjoy benefits such as getting as much money as you need for your investment, boost your profit margin beyond your expectations on every deal, reduce and diversify your risk, execute as many deals as you wish, and take advantage of the current credit crunch.

The O.P.M. process can be intimidating, complicated, expensive and overwhelming to the uneducated investor. These are the very reasons to invest in your future and make education through the O.P.M. Boot Camp your next step.

The Camp provides insider information, how to strategies to present your opportunity to investors, step by step instructions on how to assembling the proper documents, avoiding the most common mistakes and pitfalls, create a compelling offer, proper accounting knowledge to remain compliant, and expert advice and instruction on how to stay within the law in order to execute your deals properly without problems.

Consequently, The O.P.M. Boot Camp is a information rich, exclusive strategy infused, dynamic personal seminar that will provide you with the tools you need and want to be a successful real estate investor. For more information and registration please follow the link provided here: . Happy investing!


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