deansguide’s ‘Big Break’ on The Nightly News HarperTeam Style

You prepare yourself for the unthinkable, practice your public speaking, polish your prose, and maybe just maybe a major media source picks you up. A program director, “booker”, talent scout, or editor decides that your writing isn’t half bad. They hem and haw over the childish nature of some of your efforts but the big Kahuna decides that you are worthy.

Your phone rings, or your email sings, or your ears burn but in any one of these cases you are contacted with the sweet news-your blog is being picked up. You are about to live your 15 minutes and it is your shot at the big time, the “show” as Kevin Costner liked to slobber in “Field of Dreams” yes you are on the precipiss. YOU ARE BEING FEATURED ON JOHN HARPER’S FRIDAY NIGHTLY NEWS at

You quickly click over and there it is in bold writing:


Most interesting yet was the wonderful write up John and his team bestowed upon me. Little did I suspect that I was about to make my “Dancing Without Any Stars” Carmen Miranda debut. For a real laugh, it hurts to watch, check this out courtesy of jibjab:


Go to the following link to see my routine at The rest as they like to say is history. For more information on how you can set up ah I mean help a friend out go to

My next post will feature this cool tool from Until then I got to get to the studio and practice!


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