Move Over “Roger”, Look Out “Joe Bob Briggs”: deansguide takes on Hollywood AKA “Cult Classic of the Week”


As a longtime movie fan, I am taking it upon myself to pass along my best critiques of movie “classics” and “cult” Drive-In flicks from a bygone era. Today’s movies, in most cases, are horrific examples of passionless money grabs by formula driven movie executives too stupid or too greedy to care about the final product. Consequently deansguide presents “Cult Classic of the Week” our way of recognizing great or terrible movies we love to love or love to hate.


Our rating system will be based on and culled (love that word) from the great “Joe Bob (Briggs) Goes to the Drive-In” fame, the late Gene Siskel and the ever droll Roger Ebert, and my uncle Chawlie who never watched a movie without first checking out the “special effects.”


The final nod will go to the great Zagat’s guide rating system for restaurants. As with Zagat’s Guide, deansguide will ask you the dozens and dozens of readers to “rate” each movie based on your own criteria and judgement. Thus we will base our system on the Zagats 30 point system where 30 is a perfect score. In Zagat’s they rate such things as food, decor, atmosphere, and expense.


The following categories will comprise how deansguide will rate each movie:

1. Acting: Name actors vs unknowns; quality acting vs quantity cameo appearances; stand out breakthrough performances.

2. Storyline: Is is cool, believable, stupid, innovative, unique, retread, boring, or brilliant?

3. Direction: Superstar director vs unknown, breakthrough performance, no charisma persona, or complete studio sellout.

Each category will be awarded a score with a maximum of 10 points per category.

The Ratings Matrix:

25 to 30 Points: Rockstar Perfection a must see possible life changing movie line worth repeating material.

20 to 24 Points: Star Quality enough fun to cancel that sock drawer job you use as an excuse to blow-off your latest disaster.

15 to 19 Points: It’s Snowing so hard that you are stuck inside with no way to the outside world and another Perry Mason rerun just aint gonna get it.

10 to 14 Points: Blockbuster burned your card and Comcast did the disconnection boogie on your box.

0 to 9 Points: Your mom might approve, your uncle fell asleep, and you are stuck in familial detention.

We are very pleased to announce that our first review will be a 25th Anniversary effort for the cult classic “Eating Raoul” so stay tuned!



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