Cool New Realtor Tool: “Verify Email Address” Provides Valuable Free Service

In what can often be an overlooked problem during email activity, the actual delivery of a email message is often left to chance. Many business people, Realtors and brokers, assume that their vital message(s) via email are being picked up by the intended recipient. We are all guilty of this assumption at one time or another and often times this assumption can lead to missed messages.

Sometimes the email is redirected to a Spam or Junk destination rather than the main mail section of your intended recipient (are you with me mom?). In other instances email addresses have been mistyped or modified; in these cases a busy Realtor may not realize that his/her message was never delivered. This could lead to misunderstandings or worse.

A great new method of verifying a email address is provided by The service is free.


According to the buzz on del.icios, digg , ekudos, and reddit this tool is going to be a hit with most everyone.


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