2051 Scott St. #202: The Greatest Luxury Lease Deal in One of America’s Finest Neighborhoods!


Picture and text courtesy of www.zurdogo.com.
(Building in picture is not 2051 Scott St but one of it’s neighbors)

San Francisco is considered a world class destination with real estate prices and neighborhoods to match. It is a unique city with equally unique topography. It’s borders and characteristics include one of the most beautiful natural bays in the world (San Francisco Bay) the Pacific Ocean ,and the steepest set of hills of any major metropolitan city of it’s kind in America.

With home prices from the super luxury of Pacific Heights to the barely affordable tiniest condo’s of Dog Patch, purchasing a property in San Francisco is considered more a luxury than a necessity. Because of strength of the housing market/home prices, the strongest economy in the country, and some of the mildest weather patterns in America, the rental market has exploded. Competition for rentals is back to dot.com era insanity; included in this move upward is the fact that the supply is dwindling.

If you are looking for a condo/apartment in San Francisco, the following notice will be of interest. My former digs, owned by a very close friend, is now up for lease. The unit is in a 100 year old building (1907) with the type of crown molding, decorative old world touches, and accompanying charm. The location is the tone Pacific Heights neighborhood located 4 blocks from Fillmore St. restaurants and shops.

The unit is roughly 800 sq ft which for San Francisco is of warehouse size proportions. The building has fewer than 15 units with the majority owner occupied. The demographic of the residents is primarily established families or young couples so the noise level is quiet roar with privacy.

Location, Location, Location is the old Realtor’s calling card. Scott St. is one of the finest addresses in the city. Nestled amongst multi million dollar Grand Dame Victorians and majestic-architecturally magnificent estates, 2051 Scott St. is a wonderful neighborhood for any number of reasons.

The first reason beyond the obvious surroundings is the proximity to Fillmore St. World Class restaurants like Fresca, Cafe Kati, Elite Cafe, Jackson-Fillmore, and Quince give a person plenty of elegant choices. In addition live music and solid sports bars abound with Harry Dentons and John Lee Hooker’s club “The Boom Boom Room” in the neighborhood.

Reason number two is the walking. Everything is within walking or cab distance. Alta Plaza Park is one block north and featured in the picture above. A short walk over “the hill” lands you on equally tone, but much younger, Union St. Union St. boasts some of the city’s best night life and restaurants see Terzo!

The final reason is your landlord: Dan Evertsz. Dan E. is a native of San Francisco and one of the kindest people you could hope to meet. He is also a hands off landlord with a wonderful willingness to work with his renters. Dan makes every effort to make sure things are correct.

If anyone is interested in more information on pricing and terms, please contact Dean at ddguad@aol.com or call me 415 410.7524. Happy Hunting!