Secret New Powerful Real Estate Listing Site: One Man’s Bid to Turn deansguide Into Gold!

This has been an unusual week with my mystery caller from Miami, he called a second time but like any gambling addict “my source” did a 180 destroying any credibility he may have had, and now a FSBO rogue home seller looking for a place to drop a “free ad.” At first I was incredulous with the idea that my new friend had the cajons, that’s Spanish for rocks, to drop his blatant advertisement for his lake front home and 33 acre property on my site. But then I came to my senses! I was flattered that Don actually thought I could help him in his quest. But hey why not I thought to myself? I mean I am ranked by as the 2,435,414 most viewed site on the internet; that’s something to sneeze at for sure!


Since deansguide was designed to inform consumers, Realtors, marketers, and fun seekers on anything Bay Area or real estate related, it only seems fair to help my friends who are attempting to sell their properties.

As it turns out, Don Agan is a businessman of note. Don is the founder of Agan Consulting Corporation in Incline Villiage, Nevada a gorgeous resort community nestled into the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains alongside world famous Lake Tahoe. Agan Consulting has been in business since 1987 as consultants with a focus on corporate land and “shorezone” areas. I did research Don’s company and I am still not completely sure I understand what it is he consults on with his clients but I am nevertheless interested in hearing more.

Without further ado, I present my new friend Don Agan’s request for a Realtor, broker, or investor who will help him sell his property and land:

I have a 2400 square-foot home with 100 feet of frontage on Flathead Lake near Lakeside.
I am offering a 4% commission to the agent who brings me a Buyer; I could probably drop to around $960,000 with this option. Or, if an agent or broker wants to invest I could sell directly to them for around $920,000. This place was appraised for $1,150,000 two years ago when the remodeling was only considered 70% complete. I realize that market values have changed, but this is an excellent deal.
I am looking for an agent or broker who would either like to invest by purchasing this, or, someone who has buyers/investors. At this price I believe this to be an excellent investment opportunity.
Trades considered.
Please let me know if you have any interest in getting this property sold.
Thank you for your time
Don Agan
406 844-3466

Also, I have 33 prime acres near Dayton and Chief Cliff at Red Lake. Spectacular property has power, septic and 2 wells. Views are awesome! Great potential. Please let me know if you have interest.

Now it is up to my Realtor friends, do you hear me John Harper in San Ramon, readers, and subscribers. Can anyone step up to the plate and help Don sell his properties? Stay tuned as this is not the last we will hear of this subject I am sure.


2 thoughts on “Secret New Powerful Real Estate Listing Site: One Man’s Bid to Turn deansguide Into Gold!

  1. Ladies and Gentleman. . . John Harper!

    John is one of the most knowledgeable and pleasant Realtors in Northern California. His specialty, San Ramon-Danville-Pleasanton real estate, and expertise has helped countless folks buy and sell property in the East Bay area.

    To review John’s business please go to for all of the questions about real estate. While on John’s blog you will notice the rich history and knowledge of each community that he brings forward. is an encyclopedia and wealth of information about property, community affairs, school systems, althernative financing, mortgage industry news, local small businesses, restaurant reviews, updated facts and real estate statistics, great analysis regarding each market, and well positioned advise that provides information about so many diverse aspects of living in a community.

    I like to think of John’s blog as Johnsguide. It gives buyers and sellers a real advantage in understanding the current market and the locations of interest. Fine job John.


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