Blogs For Sale! Blogs For Sale! Auctioning Itself Off to the Highest Bidder

As an aspiring blog writer and blogging evangelist, I found it interesting to stumble upon the Metadish site this afternoon. calls itself “an entertainment/gossip site with great revenue.” The site goes on to tout itself by listing some of it’s advertisers “. . . E Online, New York Post, New Line Cinema etc. . .” Included in this portfolio are 200 registered users. The following is a graphic from Metadish about their positive assets:


All of these stats seem impressive, established, and they seem like a great platform to launch an advertising company. Just one thing that puzzles me: monthly revenue of $1,000. Huh? A Page Rank of 5 and Alexa Ranking of 103,000 and all of those advertisers. Am I missing something here? Is there hidden revenue somewhere that is not mentioning in their auction? Am I just being stupid? Is this site really generating a paltry $1,000 per month total revenue? Why am I so confused? Look at the following information about metadish’s auction pricing:


Well now I am puzzled. If the assumption that metadish’s total monthly income is $1,000 then if a buyer purchased it at the full asking price of $42,000 it would take that buyer (I have a nice piece of land in Oregon to sell) 3 1/2 years to recover their costs. That is not counting the tax man’s take. If revenue stayed flat, and you don’t have a slick tax attorney, then your take home on $1,000 would be roughly $700. That same buyer then is looking at 5 full years to recover the cost of metadish’s asking price.

Have I just made myself, as Guy Kawasaki says, a bozo? Am I totally missing facts or the idea here? Why would a buyer purchase this site with revenue of $1,000? Why would that same buyer not understand that you can NOT buy a blogger’s voice aka their writing. It is the writers and contributors at metadish that made it popular. The buyer must consider this fact or take a possible beating if he/she can not continue with solid, interesting and compelling content. Without that commodity your registered readers and advertisers will run for the hills.

Am I just a bozo or am I getting this deal right? You decide then clue me in please?


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