BlogTopList 2: The “Coffee Table Book” Accoutrement That Sparks Interest and Social Networking for Realtors

In my September 11, 2007 article “Blogtoplist:Exposure Through Rankings For Your Blogging Efforts” I documented the traffic generating blog directory I posited the idea that in order for Realtors to have an effective and well rounded online next generation marketing campaign, they needed to blog and socially network within their industry. One component that should be investigated are the traffic generating “blog directories” like Blogtoplist.

Since my September 11 investigation into Blogtoplist and subsequent sign up for the directory, a few things have helped to add to my marketing plan for deansguide:

1. Blogtoplist Button: I embedded the code for a Blogtoplist button which allows people to vote for my blog or article as being worthy of recognition. This simple act of placing a “voting booth”, NO HANGING CHADS HERE, on my blog as given people another outlet aka voice in which to recognize writing that they may find valuable. The interactive nature of Web 2.0 helps people express themselves and it helps them to measure their expression.

2. The Directory List Recognition: Within the Real Estate niche the directory list ranks each blog by the unique visitors they received during the week-Monday to Monday. This is a wonderful source of site recognition and effective method of advertising deansguide to the world. Below is my first ranking on page one of the Real Estate Directory List on Blogtoplist as my rank was 45:


3. Social Networking Happens: Due to my new Blogtoplist button I have been contacted by two “new friends” who sent congrats to me noting that they unexpectedly found me on Blogtoplist and that they followed my move up the rankings during the week. I consider Blogtoplist and directories like it to be akin to the wonderful accoutrements that a bachelor would place around his apartment in order to spark conversation aka a lead into a story.

Blogtoplist is a handy, effective, and fun tool for social networking efforts, blog advertising, and online marketing within the real estate niche. Check it out