Popurls: A Real Estate Agent’s Blog Content Goldmine

Bloggers in every business niche, especially real estate, often find themselves intimidated by the “task” of writing five articles per week for their blog. Even though the ever changing, and often daunting, aspect of technology used to produce a successful blog is the real challenge to new bloggers. The fact remains that many people resign themselves to the misconception that they could never find enough material to write about on an ongoing basis. Fear based thinking which paralyzes the thought process often gets in the way of new bloggers joining the blogishere.

Mining for content through email in-boxes, reading blogs, reading acclaimed syndicated media outlets, and perusing hyper local news sources for content are all solid methods to finding subject matter. The best idea to aggregate all of these sources is to implement a feed reader, something akin to creating your own customized newspaper, and use it on a daily basis.

One of the newest and best sources to find “hot” news on the internet and in the blogishere is a site called Popurls. According to Guy Kawasaki’s article “Reality Check: Popurls: “. . . a site that aggregates feeds from the likes of Digg, del.icio.us, Reddit, Flickr, Stumbleupon, Slashdot, Google News, ifilm, BoingBoing, Fark, etc. This enables you to see, on one page, what much of the Internet is buzzing about—think of it as an Internet “dashboard.”

I agree with Mr. Kawasaki on what I perceive is the major value to bloggers when considering using Popurls: functionality in compact and rich presentation. The “dashboard” description is a good one. The reader of Popurls can quickly and simply peruse through the major social networking sites, news sites (google news-yahoo news-netscape.com), video sites (youtube-ifilm.com-odeo.com-metacafe-videosift) and it concludes with a very cool “Quickies” section with everything from the “Animal House” like Onion to the serious Techcrunch.com. And for the Twitter junkies, there is a twitter section at the very bottom of the “dashboard.”

If you have been pondering the idea of writing a blog or if you currently author a blog, check out Popurls for the freshest content/source available. This rich aggregation of many of today’s most popular sites is a welcome weapon for any writer in the quest to bring fresh and appealing articles to their readers.


9 thoughts on “Popurls: A Real Estate Agent’s Blog Content Goldmine

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  2. Another great site is http://www.GetMyScoop.com, which not only aggregates content for its feed channels, it allows its users to set up their own channels, and post their own content. it has nice features, such as search, filters, alerts, and content sharing.

  3. A.H., it probably would be appropriate to mention that you are the owner/publisher of the website that you mention so your objectivity is obviously questionable….

  4. Jason,

    You’re correct. I am the owner of the website. I think it is probably worth mentioning also that the website is 100% my creation and that the purpose of it is to be a useful tool for the free flow of information, including empowering any user to post their own content free of charge. Furthermore, it was initially a proof of concept for me to learn first hand how easy it is nowadays to start up something like GetMyScoop.com with limited resources. It was only myself working on and off evenings for about 6 months with a technology I new very little about. As far as objectivity, I encourage you to check out the website and try out all of its features. I doubt that you will not find any of the features I mentioned useful. However, I may be a little subjective in this assessment and I’d really appreciate any constructive criticism and feedback. After all, as someone has said, I am trying to “create something great”, “sow the fields” and “let the flowers blossom”. If you’d like to contact me for anything related to the website, please use the “Contact Us” link at http://www.getmyscoop.com. I’d appreciate any feedback you may have.

    Thank you,

  5. AH,

    Your site is beautiful! I am also a big Guy Kawasaki fan as well as a popurls evangelist. I attended the Inman Conference in SF this summer and I met a number of influential bloggers; most were in the real estate industry but the idea was the same. Citizen journalism with a heavy dose of radical transparency is the new wave that will change the face of multi media as we know it.

    If you have not already, please check out a book by Geoffry Gitomer: The Little Black Book of Networking. I believe that is the title and if I am right it is worth it’s weight in gold.

    Gitomer’s biggest piece of advise is part of your mission: give something valuable to people for free first when engaging your target market. By giving away valuable and helpful information you become a trusted partner in your reader’s success.

    Congrats AH you truly get it and you have a great site!


  6. AH,

    Thanks please keep us involved in your progress. I would love to know how the site develops it’s traffic and especially the day you meet Guy!

    Btw, have you seen Guy’s video taken at the TED conference a few years ago? It is incredible and talks about his rise from diamond dealer to Silicon Valley, gives practical info to new start ups, and it gives his thoughts the ever critical mission statement.


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