Blog Top List: Exposure Through Rankings for Your Blogging Efforts

Blog Top List is a blog directory that gives a blog author the opportunity for greater exposure within the blogisphere. At Blog Top List 17,890 blogs are ranked, on a weekly basis, by the number of unique visitors each blog receives. The formula for rank is simple: 100 unique visitors equals 1 unique vote. Consequently the blog with the most unique votes is ranked the highest. The numbers are compiled for one week; then on each Monday the scores are reset to zero to begin a new week of voting. This ensures that every blog has the opportunity to rise in the rankings.

Blog Top List’s directory is broken down into the following categories: Academics, Art, Automobiles, Business, Computers-Hardware and Software, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Health, Humor, Internet-Marketing SEO and Web Design, Literature, Music, Personal Finance, Pets, Photoblog, Politics, Real Estate, Religion, Resources, Shopping and Fashion, Sports, Technology, Travel, and Video Games. These 23 categories give readers the opportunity to view their interests without wading through unwanted blog/categories. In addition it provides the blogger with a better chance to rise in the rankings.

In order for the blog author to receive credit for his/her unique visitors, unique visitors compile points in the Blog Log List, two buttons need to be placed on the blog. According to Blog Log List: “One of these buttons tracks the votes from the blog and the other one track the amount of unique visitors. This is why we recommend all blogs to use both buttons, to make sure they get as good rank as possible.”

The following screen shows the process for a blog to sign up for Blog Top List:


Blog Log List also provides an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section which outlines how to place the html code for their tracking buttons on the most popular blog services. Below is the tracking and voting button screen, it appears once your registration is complete, where you will find the html code for your Blog Log List “buttons” to be placed on your blog.


That is it! You now have Blog Top List working to provide exposure for your blog with other bloggers and consumers. Have fun with this new tool.


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