Clean Offer: “Agent-Client Relationship Tool Enables Consumers 100% Access to The MLS”

Clean Offer, according to founder and CEO David Faudman, is a “. . . agent-client relationship tool that enables the buyer/seller to access 100% of the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data as their agent. Clean Offer is licensed by BAREIS (North Bay: Marin, Sonoma, Solano, Napa, and Mendocino), SFAR (San Francisco county), and REIL (San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties). They are also licensed with the New England MLSPIN (Cape Cod, Eastern Middlesex, Greater Boston, Greater Fall River, Greater New Bedford, New Hampshire, Northeast, North Bristol, North Central Mass, North Shore, Pioneer Valley, Plymouth, Worcester Regional, and Tri-County areas) and Washington D.C.’s MRIS (Maryland, D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvannia, and West Virginia). As David says “Clean offer is for the ‘Serious’ not the ‘Curious’ property searcher.

The advantage(s) lie in the presentation of the listing materials. Clean offer is a password protected website. Because of this fact, Clean Offer can show all statuses, all listings, and all property addresses: the same information as what Realtors have access to and see. The information is updated, in real time, with a lag time of roughly a half an hour. This makes the information fresh and available to the client. It also makes Clean Offer a much richer source of information than any “public” web site available to the consumer.

Maybe the best advantage to utilizing Clean Offer is’s description of the product: “Clean Offer enables Realtors to permit their web happy clients to do their own pass word protected shopping in the MLS without having to come up with listings or those pesky comparables day in and day out. For the client, it’s why leave the house when you can drive by online?” Curbed goes on to say that agent’s clients often start the process slowly but then become “addicted” to Clean Offer and the fresh available data.

The ultimate key for the agent in helping the client? The Realtor has the luxury of being able to track the homes that his/her client has viewed and shown the most interest in buying during their investigative process on the Clean Offer web site. This allows the agent to focus on neighborhoods of interest down to a particular street.

Here are the steps to get started with Clean Offer.

1. Select the MLS that fits your search criteria


2. The new to clean offer screen appears with detailed sign up instructions


3. Once you chose either agent or buyer/seller sign up you will reach the “agreement” section.

4. The following is the Agent Registration screen.


5. Because I am not an agent, I will continue with instructions for home Buyer/Seller registration. Below is the screen where the buyer/seller registers their name and the name of their Realtor.


6. Once the Buyer/Seller registers, they are asked to identify their Realtor. The following screen lists their Realtor. Note: Buyer/Seller’s Realtor must be a registered user of Clean Offer in order for the client to access the MLS information.

7. Clean Offer provides an extensive “Frequently Asked Questions” page rich with information. The information is broken down into Realtor FAQ’s, General FAQ’s, and Buyer/Seller FAQ’s with some 24 questions and multiple scenarios.


Consumers and Realtors will find Clean Offer an advantage in their joint efforts to buy or sell that coveted property.


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