Greetings and Thank You: Vibrate at a High Level For A Wonderful Life!

Click image to view full poster
For the last 9 days I have been packing, cleaning, and moving my life from San Francisco to my hometown of San Rafael, California to be with my love Susan. Today is the culmination of a lot of hard work and sweat. Moving, without outside help, has been time consuming and utterly frustrating at times because of my rat pack tendencies.

The above gorgeous work of art was created by Ken Milburn, digital art photographer, for the 2005 Sausalito Art Festival. Ken is one of the very talented and gifted artist that reminds me what a magical and wonderful place Marin County is for me.

This thank you/greeting “card” is my way of saying thank you to those readers that frequent deansguide. I will be back with more content after my weekend of moving. Until then enjoy Ken’s rendition of Sausalito’s “Banana Belt” Northern California’s version of Italy’s Amalfi coast! Peace and love to all!



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