Susan Hanshaw: The Most Powerful Life Changing Concept You Probably Have Never Experienced!

I am the luckiest man alive! I have a wonderful family, my health, and I have a woman who is an inspiration to me every day I venture into the world.

Life was NOT always like this for me. I struggled with my own demons, my temperment, and even my own faith in what I believed I could accomplish while here on this planet. The constant theme for me during those dark days was so simple it always escaped me: vibration.

How do you see the world? How do you perceive people? What kind of thoughts do you harbor and how do those thoughts effect your reality? How does your spoken word effect the outcome of your life? How does your spoken word effect those people around you? These are all questions best answered by Susan Hanshaw, published author, speaker, and purpose teacher. “Unleashing Your Soul: Finding the Courage to Follow Your Heart” is an important work for those searching to fulfill their “life’s purpose.”


The following is an article Susan writes about the life changing concept of “vibration. Enjoy!


Three months ago I published an article here, Tips for Raising Your Vibration, that has been so consistently well trafficked that it has given me pause for thought. What is it about this topic that intrigues us so? And like some of the other leading edge thought concepts that I promote in this space, I wonder if we are all on the same page as to what we’re really talking about. After all, this is not a life issue that we learn about through the mainstream media. This leaves those of us who are curious about such things responsible for finding our own answers, rather than having them regularly fed to us. Oh well. It comes with the territory of being the pioneers that we are.

I love how the ordinary events of my life are always leading me to deeper understandings. Last night I sat down to dinner alone with a book I hadn’t picked up in awhile, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, by Wayne Dyer. As I was thumbing through, I came across a couple of sections that provided me with a new way of looking at the impact of energy vibration. In the words of Dr. Dyer:

“Faster vibrations mean getting closer to spirit.”

“Slower vibrations keep us in the world of ‘problems’.”

I now better understand the popularity of the vibration article. Who knowingly wants to invite problems into their life?

After reading this, I thought more about what it means to achieve a fast level of vibration. At the slowest level we are plodding through our human “stuff”, while at the highest vibration we are at the energy of the divine. To vibrate at the highest level means to be God-like. I don’t know how simpler it can get. When we understand what it means, the how-to becomes clear. To become God-like means to focus your energy on expressing kindness, generosity, understanding and all those other virtues of love that we attach to the divine.

It sounds pretty easy to me. And the good news is that as we transform the energy of our individual beings, we all make this planet a better place.



6 thoughts on “Susan Hanshaw: The Most Powerful Life Changing Concept You Probably Have Never Experienced!

  1. I,

    It is very interesting and in my experience it does work. The unfortunate fact is that this “thought concept” is not taught in our schools, it is not supported by the denominational religious community, and consequently it remains a under utilized answer to so many social and personal problems in this country.


  2. I live in Sedona, Arizona one of the most sought after places on earth. Partially because of the beauty, but also because of the “high vibrations” of the vortex sites. In speaking of energy being a higher level and lower level it is easy for anyone to think of how we feel when we are tired or depressed. And then when we are fully engaged in something that we love or enjoy there is quite a shift. Also, a rose is the highest vibration known on earth and it is often given as a token of love. Love also being a high vibration, often associated with God or the Divine.

    Annie Lawrence,

  3. Annie,

    Thank you so much for commenting on this very important information. To often we forget to slow down and look for ideas and concepts that both improve our life and help us grow. Vibration is such an important concept and yet so few practice it, understand it, or even are aware of it’s existence. I appreciate the good thoughts please come back or better yet go and check in with Susan’s blog at

    Be well!


  4. About 20 years ago several catastrphic events changed my life. Before then I sort of drifted around, found some successes, and suffered other calamities. After losing my family, all my assets, and with no income source at all I stumbled upon several book resources that introduced me to all the things Dean and Susan are talking about. My faith in myself, that I could recover with the help of these ideas, resulted in daily meditation, constant communication with my subconscious mind, and realizing the possibility of influencing luck.

    I, too, feel I am the luckiest person alive. These techniques brought me out of bankruptcy, got me a new home as a result of Hurricane Isabel, found my soulmate during Hurricanes Dennis and Floyd, and have brought both of us through life-threatening sickness.

    None of this is taught in public schools, probably because we do not have an educational system. We have obedience training and skills useful for the demands of business and industry. No one is supposed to know that it is possible to control one’s destiny to a great extent because then neither government nor industry can retain control of individuals. The result of all this is extreme negativism which deprives most people of the ability to function at their peak abilities and enjoyment. My personal goals are to help as many people who are down, as I was, as my abilities allow, and to bring a positive attitude to all situations.

  5. Yank,

    What a story! I love hearing your refreshing take on things. I agree that the American educational system is not educational. Thank you and please stop in again!


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