San Rafael’s “Earthquake Preparedness Supply Company”: Realtors Can Make A Difference for Every Home Owner In Earthquake Country!

In the most active seismic zone in the United States, Californians surprisingly are woefully ill prepared for the very real fact that an earthquake can and will strike sometime during their lifetime. With the recent tragic events in Lima, Peru, we Californians are still far from ready for a sizable earthquake. Instead of waiting for the inevitable, it only makes sense for homeowners to be ready.

For Realtors and real estate professionals wishing to be consultative sales people and one stop informational sources, it makes sense that part of their offerings include information or material on earthquake preparedness. Many real estate professionals buy their clients gift baskets or other trinkets in order to show their appreciation for the business transaction they just completed.

Instead of that gift certificate to a restaurant or some other nicety, why not gift your clients with a earthquake preparedness “package”? This gift shows concern and care for clients, provides much needed rarely purchased potential life saving items, and it heightens awareness within the real estate community. How does it heighten awareness of earthquake preparedness? Simple-every agent worth his/her salt keeps tabs on the best agents in his/her area. When one agent is providing a service or gift that is unique, most agents take notice.

Consequently I made my way to San Rafael’s Earthquake Supply Center for more information. Owner Michael Skyler was both amiable and helpful in my quest for information. We sat and talked about blogging as well as his business. Without a doubt, Earthquake Supply Center and their staff are consultative in their approach to each clients needs. Their website is a vast library of survival products. The categories include: Survival Kits, Water, Food and Cooking, Warmth and Shelter, Communications, Lighting, Safety Items, First Aid and Hygene, Fastners, and Storage Packs. According to Michael, Earthquake Supply Center specializes in the following:

  • We specialize in 72 Hour emergency kits for Home – Car – Office – School
  • We have a variety of kits to prepare you and your family while meeting your budget and needs
  • Our food and water is United States Coast Guard Approved, and unlike supermarket supplies, has a minimum five year shelf life
  • It is our goal to sell reliable, affordable, quality products to help protect you, your family, your home, business, school, and vehicle
  • We have been in the disaster preparedness business since 1995, and have an extensive client list of government agencies, national corporations, schools, institutions, businesses and individuals

Michael also pointed out, and I can vouch for this fact, that his staff is well trained and versed in all aspects of earthquake survival gear and products. They are experts in their field.

If you are a Realtor, real estate professional or affiliate consider giving a gift of life for that special client. Earthquake preparedness “packs” will set you apart and leave a lasting impression.


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