“Joe Realtor” Beware: Online Reputation Management and Blogging’s Critical Roll in Keeping Your Good Name!


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Online Reputation Management, the new buzz term in Real Estate, is a very critical part of creating an online marketing presence. Sites like Yelp and Angie’s List allow consumer’s to post, for the world to see, their review and feelings about a real estate agent after their transaction. These sites are not only providing a voice to the consumer but, according to Pat Kitano of transparentre.com, fueling the concept of “radical transparency” the trend towards personal visibility on the internet.

Consequently disgruntled consumers now have a place where they can and will post a bad review on a Realtor’s performance. Due to the powerful search engine optimization of these review sites, that bad review will show up on Google within a matter of hours. If the reviewed Realtor does not have a solid online presence on Google, that bad review will sit on a page one Google search of the offending Realtor for a very long time. If new consumers to the market perform a Google search of the agent or broker by his/her name that bad review may be the first thing a consumer encounters.

Bad reviews are becoming a big reputation management headache for the real estate community. Equally troubling for “Joe Realtor” is the idea of creating an online marketing presence. If consumers search “Joe Realtor’s” name on Google and they do not see “Joe’s” web site on the page one search, they will often times conclude that “Joe” is not an expert in the community he serves. In addition the consumer will see “Joe Realtor’s” competitors filling “Joe’s” page one Google search, they will see the bad review(s) by the review site, and they will ultimately have a difficult time choosing “Joe Realtor” as their agent.

What can our friend “Joe Realtor” do to avoid these reputation management problems? First “Joe” must devise a strategy to create his next generation online marketing presence. The goals are to populate as many of the top 10 slots on any Google search of “Joe’s”name, search of the area “Joe” serves, and keep “Joe’s” competitors out of his page one Google searches as often as possible.

The best strategy to accomplish these goals is to start authoring a blog. Blogging is the best, most effective, and fastest method to creating your online presence. The new articles, content, help to drive search engine optimization. There are many critical components to blogging and it is not for every person. But for those “Joe’s” that blog, reputation management becomes a non issue, an online marketing presence begins to effectively take hold, and “Joe” then has a voice of expression that can lead to a successful online marketing presence and radical transparency.


2 thoughts on ““Joe Realtor” Beware: Online Reputation Management and Blogging’s Critical Roll in Keeping Your Good Name!

  1. Hey Dean,

    Nice post and good advice. The future of reputation management will not only deal with negative reviews, but the absence of positive reviews. Blogging is one great way to demonstrate value but increasingly Agents will need to get more of their transaction history and customer reviews on-line lest they lose out to those who adopt this emerging expectation of transparency. New Agents will need to get creative demonstrating knowledge until they can build a publicly viewable portfolio of business that, by itself, is a testament to their skill.


  2. Karim,

    Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate the education. I am glad you pointed out the fact that the “absence of positive reviews” will be just as critical as receiving a negative review. In addition the idea that Realtors create a “transaction history and customer reviews on-line” is an extremely important idea that all agents must adopt.

    Finally the concept of an on-line “portfolio” of business as a “testament to their skill” would be the best reputation management defense. Could we coin a new phrase for this portfolio: Folioation? Not much of a ring to it. . . back to the drawing board.


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