WARNING TO ALL REALTORS AND BROKERS: The Future is Now When Parents Are Buying Domain Names for Babies!


photo of The Pankow Family by Paul Connors, AP

Technology and innovation are roaring into the Real Estate space at warp factor 5 and there is nothing agents and brokers can do about it but accept the sweeping changes that are taking place. The next generation of online marketing through Google, for the Real Estate community, is blogging. A big factor of this new wave is Web 2.0, widgetry, and the idea that no matter who you are or what you do-you must have a presence online in order to be taken seriously.

With all of this said, the trend continues with the fact that Harvard, the icon of all American Universities (Sorry Kevin!), is suggesting that each applicant write a blog and show that they have an online presence. Consequently it is of great interest that more and more parents are securing domain names for their unborn children. Anick Jesdanun wrote an excellent article on this growing trend. “It is the starting point for your online identity” according to Warren Adelman, president of registration company GoDaddy.com Inc.

Adding to Adelman’s claims is Peter Grunwald, Grunwald Associates, who specializes in researching kids and technology. “Given the pace of change on the Internet, it strikes me as a pretty impressive leap of faith that we’re going to use exactly the same system and the same tools 15 to 20 years from today.”

What does this mean to the Realtor or broker who is scratching his/her head at these notions? The focus is not on these unborn children who will have a domain name waiting for them in the year 2022 when they will need to begin looking at colleges. The focus for a Realtor or broker is the fact that these home buying parents, like the Pankows, are looking for agents and brokers who speak their language, understand the internet, and show the same concern for online identity/presence.

For those agents or brokers winding down their careers, this message is really a moot point. But make no mistake about the facts. For agents and brokers building a career, in mid career, or looking for lead generation tools-an online presence on Google using blogging and technology is akin to Career Survival 101.


8 thoughts on “WARNING TO ALL REALTORS AND BROKERS: The Future is Now When Parents Are Buying Domain Names for Babies!

  1. BHI,

    Realtors and brokers are slowly catching onto the Web 2.0 trend, blogging’s marketing power, and the fact that the internet is today’s “Yellow or White Pages” directory.


  2. With the current number of blogs (and growing by the minute) – you’d think that Real Estate Agents as a group would embrace the idea. But it seems there is only a small portion of Agents using this option. (i.e. Active Rain etc.) And you’d think agents would see the ‘writing on the wall’ – I have to agree with you there – that they need to embrace changes or be ‘left in the cold’…when it comes to being in business in the future.

  3. Sabine,

    Thank for dropping in! Blogging is growing slowly and not at the anticipated rate that was initially predicted. The real estate industry, albeit one of the growth areas, has not exploded the way that it should be-bursting at the seams.

    If I were a Realtor or broker I would consider blogging nothing less than a method to guarantee my future. Unfortunately we still have a very large group of successful older Realtors who will never make the move to technology.

    Once the heard thins with retirements and with new blood, only then will we see the mass tipping point movement we have all been expecting but not seeing.


  4. In my area, 3/4 of all home-buyers start their search on the internet. Having said this, if an agent is able to reach a consumer in the beginning stages of the real estate search, he/she will be more likely to represent them in the transaction. In the past, consumers have called real estate offices and the agent on duty got the lead. Today, consumers will go online and will develop a relationship with a realtor through e-mail, blogging, or online networking sites like Myspace.com or Facebook.com.
    Tech-savvy realtors will embrace this idea and will

  5. David,

    You are right on the money!

    The interesting problem remains that 95% of Realtors remain ignorant of these facts about consumer behavior, do not want to tackle the effort it takes to learn the technology behind blogging, or they do not believe that things are changing.

    In any of these instances or a dozen other excuses rendered the story remains the same–remaining status quo as a Realtor or broker will eventually make your business vulnerable to the competiton.

    Better statement yet comes from Rule #1 author Phil Town “Companies without a defensible “moat” will have their business over run by competitors, lose their market share, and eventually lose their business.

    Well done!


  6. Great…..I had to detached myself from the YouTube movie.

    I have just started blogging and my blog has just up for a few months so I do not know where 1st is from 2nd ….. I am just now going around to introduce myself and find out what others are doing in the blog world.

    Technology I think is great and blogging is just a facet that has to be implemented along with other marketing elements.

    Of course I am retired from Lockheed so technology is a way of life and keeps life very interesting.

    Of interest to me with or without blogs is the fact of the number of people who know more of what is going on in their neighborhood than most real estate agents and brokers.

    My blog is limited to Ventura County and its cities and am constantly amazed that JQ public knows more area than does their agent.

    Things change and change overall is very good.

    You have a good site. John Duffner

  7. Hi John,

    I just visited your blog at http://venturacountyretalk.com and it really looks great, stylish, and pleasing to the eye.

    You have great “substance Factor” in your background and in your awareness about blogging. Blogging is the next great technological marketing invention.

    Even though the Real Estate industry is ahead of the curve, compared to most industries, most Realtors do not understand the importance, power, and affect this tool can and will have on their futures.

    Please come back and comment as I will be following your blog now that we have met. Continue to write cogent and important comments as that is the social “gold” that will help your blog pick up readership.

    As a start I am going to “subscribe” via RSS to your blog and I will place you on my blogroll.

    If you have questions please drop me a line or call. I have 50+ articles on blogging for Realtors, how to guides, and some widget information as well.

    Best of luck!


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