DEADLINE WARNING: Is August 24, 2007 Really the Last Day To File Claims Against Debtors aka 1031 Tax Group?

The following notice box below came from the 1031 Tax Group information site for people following the court proceedings of the 1031 Tax Group and it’s affiliates owned by Ed Okun:

This information can be found by typing my attempts to hyper-link to this website have been unsuccessful. The site was named:

Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of the 1031 Tax Group, LLC, et al.


*IMPORTANT NOTICE:The following information regarding deadlines for filing claims against the 1031 Tax Group is merely a report of information received by a valued reader as well as the web site documented above. I do not have any inside information nor do I bare responsibility to debtor or victim in their quest to recover or payout owed funds. I am not guaranteeing that this date is accurate or correct. I am simply publishing this date in order to make victims of the 1031 Tax Group aware that there IS a final date to file their claims. It is up to each individual to do so on their own.

I recently received a request, through comment, that I publish an article regarding August 24, 2007. In this comment was a story about “mistaken” addresses, confusion, and lost notifications that could be very unfortunate for anyone attempting to recover their funds from the 1031 Tax Group.

The following is the comment I received:

  1. Dean, would appreciate your help getting the word out to the 350 victims of Okun’s bankrupted 1031’s that the DEADLINE for filing “proofs of claim” against the bankrupted 1031’s is NEXT WED, August 24,2007, 5:00 PM EST, by which time the form (and supporting documentation) must be received by the Bankruptcy Court in NY. The information re how and where to send the document is on the Committee website
    I’m concerned that not every one of the claimants will have gotten the word (which should have arrived in a hard copy letter to their residence) because the attorneys for the Debtors had my address totally wrong (different stree/city/state — not one I’ve ever lived at) and I wouldn’t have known it if someone else hadn’t mentioned they’d rec’d mail I hadn’t. If they garbled my contact information that badly, they could easily have garbled others’ and how would anyone know? So, your help headlining this deadline for Okun’s victims who may not be aware would be very helpful.
    Elizabeth H. CallananComment by Elizabeth H. Callanan — August 17, 2007 @ 9:02 pm | Edit This

If you have questions please contact Dean Guadagni at Remember please INVESTIGATE the filing date information on your own do not leave it up to me or Elizabeth!