Plugoo: Mr. Magoo, The Who, Cindy Lou Will All Love This Widget

Like so many cool cartoon like names on the internet, Plugoo’s name brings to mind for me the adventures of Mr. Bill, Slugo, and Mr. Magoo. But when the Real Estate community takes a closer look at this important widget, they will be incorporating one of the most powerful tools to access consumers since the advent of the open house. Simply put, Plugoo allows a person to chat directly from their instant messanger with consumers, friends, and family. They can hold conversations on their blog, personal webpage, or e-sales site.

Plugoo is super rich in tutorial information both visual and text. The following is a screen shot, by Capture Wiz, of Plugoo’s cool little cartoon “movie” which is essentially a flow chart on how communication works with Plugoo:


Once you view this moving flowchart, drill down into the text tutorials. Again they are super rich in content, utility uses, and detail for the beginner on up to the advanced user.

In order to access this “library” of information, click on the word “plugoo” in the question “What is plugoo ?” that is located just below the “flowchart” box illustration I have provided (above). This will bring you to the “discover” page on the plugoo site.

The following is basic steps to opening a Plugoo account and beginning to open your online world to “instant talk.”:

How do I subscribe to get my Plugoo ?

1. Plugoo will ask for your Instant Messaging Account Address. Use the address you use to chat with friends on the Instand Messenger format such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Jabber, or ICQ.

2. Plugoo requires “another valid email address” in order to get a Plugoo account. Plugoo will only send you emails regarding Plugoo service: no spam

3. Choose a password dedicated to Plugoo. Your password gives you access to “your personal space within the Plugoo Community.”

* Note of Importance: Plugoo will never ask you for your Instant Messaging Account Password.

4. The final step is an email sent to your registration email address. Click on the link inside of this email. This process validates your Plugoo account. A new buddy’s invitation should pop up on instant messenger. This is the Plugoo Buddy. The is the method that communications with your visitors on your webpage/blog site will come to you the user. You then must accept the invitation.

Once your Plugoo account is set up and activated, easy to follow instructions are provided to place Plugoo on your blog/website.

The Advantages of Plugoo:

1. Potential clients do not need to install anything, they don’t need a Instant Messenger of their own, and they can not see your Instant Messenger account address.

2. Plugoo allows you to engage, on a real time basis, in conversation with potential clients.

3. Plugoo allows these potential clients to engage with you without revealing their identity. Maintaining anonymous status is important to consumers by making it more palatable for them to initiate conversations.

4. Plugoo gives Realtors a more technology savvy appearance to potential clients searching the internet for an agent.

With the speed of lightening like advances in blogging, social networking, and online marketing within the Real Estate space, it is only natural that widgetry becomes an extremely important tool within Web 2.0 strategies for Realtors. Plugoo is one of those important tools that Realtors should evaluate closely in their next generation approach to online marketing to consumers.

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Russian River Jazz on Johnson’s Beach: Historic Jazz Festival Marks the End of Summer in the San Francisco Bay Area


     Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville, California has been the host of the Russian River Jazz Festival for decades. The town of Guerneville, at one time a bastion for the gay and lesbian community as well as a Hell’s Angels’ vacation spot, supports an open atmosphere of lifestyles and appreciation of the arts. This year’s festival, slated for Sept 8-9, marks the 31st year of music celebration in the Russian River Jazz festival series.

Festivities begin at 10:00am each day and conclude at 6:00pm. The music starts at 11:00am and it is suggested that concert goers arrive early for the best possible seats on the beach.

According to Amber Cancellier, very amiable and helpful executive at Omega Events, this year’s event offers two ticket packages. General admission seating is $48 per person per day. This is a general admission with a first come first served policy on seating choices on the beach.

The Gold package at $98, per person per day, is the equivalent of the VIP Vegas “Bottle Table” service experience. In this package, the concert goer is provided a premium beach chair with a front of the stage position. In addition each Gold Ticket receives 3 free coupons to the Wine Garden pavilion that is set up for wine lovers. In my opinion, if you are not supporting a family to this event then the Gold Package is the only way to fly!

Here is why you want to purchase that Gold Package according to :

Saturday Sept. 8 features Chaka Khan, Boney James, Poncho Sanchez, Ledisi, Forte, and Michaele.


Sunday Sept. 9 features Joe Sample Trio, Christian Scott, Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers, and Michaele.


The following is a simple map of the area surrounding Guerneville, California:


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