Ed Okun’s Friends

Over the course of the past few months, I have reported on the 1031 Tax Group and Ed Okun. The information, gleaned from major news media sources, has evoked strong responses about Mr. Okun. In order to be fair in reporting, I am presenting the following positive comment I received supporting Mr Okun.

  1. John Howell | patmatch@mac.com | IP: you guys,I have met Mr Okun and I can say that you are all wrong! Mr Okun is one of the kindest, best dressed he always looks so nice, and honest man. He always pay his bills to me, and even the fact they are high for him, he never objects. In the last three years we got to know a remarkable man, very generous. If he says the transportation are neessesary, its the truth. If you were in his shoes you also would not be coming in the courtroom . He doesnt have to there and hear people like you who are overly sensitive and perhaps even jealous of Mr Okun. Just relax and let Mr Okun lawyers tell you how it all really went and then move on. It was good before.Aug 13, 7:41 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — Ed Okun’s “Toys”: Is This Where the 1031 Tax Group Victim’s Monies Disappeared?

If you are a friend of Mr. Okun or wish to support him, please let us hear your story.


FEA Fighting Back for 1031 Exchange Reform: President Hugh Pollard Lays Down the Gauntlet


In a strong show of support for victims of 1031 crimes, his ethically honest 1031 exchange membership, and the relationship between potential consumers and his membership, Hugh Pollard President of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators has drawn a line in the sand. In a fine article written by PRnewsnow.com, Pollard gives his reaction to Nevada’s newest 1031 exchange legislation SB 476:

“We strongly support any additional consumer protections that can be put in place to establish trust and confidence between customers of 1031 Exchanges and their intermediaries,” said Hugh Pollard, President, FEA. “The law itself uses similar provisions to the FEA’s own Model Law, which holds Qualified Intermediaries to a set of strict ethics expectations.”

In order to understand Nevada’s SB 476 refer to “Nevada’s 1031 Exchange Law: How Will It Work and Is California Going to Act to Stop Okun-McGhan Like Disasters?”

The FEA’s strong public show of support for Nevada’s efforts was met with equal enthusiasm by Business and Industry Department Director Mendy Elliot: “The FEA was a strong resource for our research team,” “We approached the FEA looking for background information on 1031 Exchanges, and their people stood by us throughout the process of drafting this bill. No organization could provide more detailed experience or insight into the potential gaps in the legalities of 1031 Exchanges. We are very appreciative for their commitment to consumer protections.”

This is the very core value that the FEA can and is beginning to bring to consumers who have suffered needless and irreparable damages at the hands of white collar criminals.

If you have been swindled in a 1031 Exchange deal and you are seeking retribution as well as damages, please make your voice heard. Pick up the phone or email the Federation of Exchange Accommodators and give them your support or email Dean Guadagni at ddguad@aol.com.