Inman Connect Conference: The Who’s Who of Real Esate Blogging When You Are A “Who?”



The freshly completed Inman Connect Conference held at the beautiful Palace Hotel in San Francisco was the most prolific business “eye opener” in my short life as a blogger. It was a conference filled with a Mount Everest of super valuable, intensive, rich information. It was a party of some 1,700 of Real Estate’s blogerati, blogging Superstars, biggest Real Estate Brokers/Agents, and it even had a place for the lead gen “syndicate.” The master of ceremonies and John Lennon of these festivities was the convivial and humorous Brad Inman of Inman News. As far as coming out parties go, this one would have made the “Donald” envious for it’s pure spirit of togetherness, open source trading of ideas and thinking, and it’s San Francisco “Summer of Love” theme.

The immense number of benefits and tips I came away with are so valuable that I cringe at my initial thought: skip it due to illness. I buckled down two days prior to launch, and with the help of my loving girlfriend, nursed my health to a level that would allow me to function without scaring everyone within 100 feet of me. After reflecting upon this event, I have come to one serious realization. More appropriately “the” reason any new blogger MUST attend Inman Connect: Who are you? Inman will help you become a “Who’s Who” in the world of blogging through the incredible information provided, the opportunity to meet the blogging Superstars, and the opportunity to engage with successful veteran bloggers.

Simply put in laymens terms, Inman Connect is the “Who’s Who” of Real Estate bloggers in the most prolific movement in Real Estate marketing since the invention of email. The following is a list new blogging friends and business friends I met at Brad’s big party:

Maria Mull -National Director of Business Development for AlignMark: Thanks Maria I appreciated your perspective and expertise. Check out AlignMark’s cutting edge “Assessment Management” software for Real Estate Brokerages.

John Chang – V.P. Marketing and eBusiness John L. Scott: Thanks John for your time and interest in blogging!

Jim Cronin – Owner, The Real Estate Tomato: Jim the “F Shape Theory” and foreign language translation is a hot topic!

Teresa Boardman -Realtor Thank you Teresa for the important point that not only is a picture worth a thousand words. . . but it might just save me a few hundred!

Jeff Turner – President, COO real estate Shows: Thank you for introducing me to your services and our conversation on foreign language translations on blogs.

Brian Brady – Managing Director World Wide Credit Corporation: Thank you Brian! I enjoyed your tips on blogging and social networking as well as your candid insight into your rise to blog stardom!

Matt Fagioli – Broker Owner Diamond Dwellings Realty at Mill Creek, Atlanta: Matt it was great to meet you. I enjoyed your vision for Diamond and your understanding of the importance to blogging. I look forward to working with you!

Larry Whited – Broker Larry thank you for showing an interest in Domus Consulting Group. Also a big thank you for asking the “tough” question regarding referral quality and scandal in the lead generation business directed to the closing panel from the lead generation “syndicate.”

Eric Bryn – V.P. Strategic Development Reliance Relocation Services, Inc.: Eric thank you for your input; we look forward to hearing more about your exciting business!

John Harper – The Harper Team Keller Williams: John thanks as always for being a great source of entertainment, irritation, and fantastic prose. Kudos to Joseph and your efforts!

Finally a huge thanks and gratitude to my associates and buddies Pat Kitano ( and Kevin Boer ( for your awesome leadership and expertise. To those who I may have missed, my apologies I am still recovering from information “avalanche.”

If you are curious or want more information about the Inman Connect Conference or blogging please contact Dean Guadagni at


4 thoughts on “Inman Connect Conference: The Who’s Who of Real Esate Blogging When You Are A “Who?”

  1. Jeff,

    Right back at you! I enjoyed meeting you. Thanks for the tips and your story. I have a few ideas so I will give you a shout. Thanks again.


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