From Outhouse to Dynasty to Outhouse: How One Technorati “Glitch” Made Us Blogging “Royalty” for A Day!



Ever wonder what it would be like to have the #1 hit record in the country, be ranked the top tennis player in the world, fight and win the heavyweight title of the world, or win a Pulitzer Prize for Creative Writing? Well that’s the feeling I enjoyed for my ill fated “15 minutes” of fame this morning. Searching through technorati is a morning ritual and this morning I nearly fell out of my chair: deansguide #1 Top 100! When I got up off the floor, I began searching friend’s blog rankings for verification. The ugly reality was staring me right in the face. Everyone under the sun was technorati’s #1 Top 100 ranked blog. Back to the drawing board!

My girlfriend Susan was the first person to alert me, having hit the laptop before me, to her new technorati royalty standing in the blogishere. Here is her take on the event.

I discovered my Top 100 ranking after noticing a new link feeding readers to my site, Sanctuary for Change. It turned out to be just another wonderful confirmation of what I believe to be one of the key principles for effective living–trust your instincts. Although I am all about promoting positive thinking, I knew that rank had to be a mistake. Oh well.

With our feet firmly planted back on the ground, we bid you a found farewell from somewhere just south of technorati’s ranking equivalent of “Podunk” next to “Timbuck Two” and adjacent to “Never Never Land.” Adios Amigos y Amigas!


2 thoughts on “From Outhouse to Dynasty to Outhouse: How One Technorati “Glitch” Made Us Blogging “Royalty” for A Day!

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