The Inman Connect Conference/San Francisco Survival Guide: Go Where the Locals Go!

Welcome the world of bloggerati to San Francisco. As your native tour guide, this post should help those out of towners navigate to the best restaurants, and best places no tourist would ever hope to find. Get ready and fasten your seat belts we are going pedal to metal with a list of categories and answers. Welcome and have fun!

Best Restaurants for the Silly Stupid Rich Blogger:

Aqua: Seafood is to Aqua what lingerie is to Victoria’s Secret-sexy and tasty.

Fleur de lys: Paris in San Francisco and we ain’t talking Paris Hilton.

Gary Danko: a cheese and champagne cart as big as a Winnebago!

Restaurants for the Rich but still checks his statement at the end of the month Blogger:

Cafe Kati: Elegant tiny bistro packs a punch with an eclectic menu and great service.

Terzo: Is a “scene” to be “seen” and to look. The food is incredible and so is the eye candy.

Asia de Cuba at the Clift Hotel: It’s a bridge and tunnel scene meets world traveler destination. The good the bad and the ugly with a splash of Malibu.

Restaurants for Bloggers who want a great deal but don’t wish to appear cheap:

Trattoria Contadina: This is old school Italian like Brooklyn, without the mobsters, with fantastic pastas and a neighborhood “feel.” Ask for Dirk tell em Dean from Terra Linda sent you!

Yank Sing: Yeah it sounds dirty but it’s really one of the best “dim sum” parlors in the world! If you never have another Chineese meal in your life then make Yank Sing the final final-it is that good!

Tadich Grill: This is old San Francisco. Sand Dabs, heavy cream, French Bread, huge Veal dishes, pasta in every color, petrale sole, white coated waiters with 40 yrs on the job remain the staple.

Restaurants for Bloggers with less than $20 per day per diem:

La Taqueria: In the heart of the Mission District this has the best cheap Mexican food on the coast. The Taco Salad is a mountainous presentation with edible bowl worthy of King Kong!

Saigon Sandwich Shop: The sandwiches are fantastic and cheap to the tune of $2.50 to $3.00. The portions are huge too. What’s the catch? The neighborhood at certain times during late afternoon on can resemble Beirut, Mogadishu, or Iraq on a good day. Be careful. But it’s worth it!

Machine gun blitz. . . the Americano Bar/Hotel Vitale for the oh so beautiful babies; the Horseshoe Bar best local pool bar in the Marina District Yuppie central; Bimbo’s 365 fantastic club for live music in North Beach/Little Italy; Amante Bar my shameless plug for my long time friend “Wiz” a truly cool joint in the heart of North Beach.

There you have it a short and I mean short list and guide to some of the coolest places San Francisco has to offer the newbe. So don’t be a stranger, say hello, my name is dean g with


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