LifeLock: “Credit Identity Self Defense or Possible Culprit-You Decide”

In a previous effort, I investigated and described the credit security company Life Lock. As a former Trans Union employee, I had first hand knowledge into the challenges consumers face when attempting to protect their identity, monitor their credit report, and (most difficult of all) getting the credit bureaus to act on their behalf. In the article “LifeLock: A Vital Resource for Realtors and Mortgage Professionals” I outlined the many solid benefits that LifeLock offers it’s clients.

In recent months, LifeLock has come under fire for the resignation of their former CEO Robert Maynard Jr.. In the article “LifeLock Founder Resigns Amid Controversy.” The controversy brought the company under suspicions but it did not close down their business. Consequently, a case is made for the opposite by TechCrunch writer Michael Arrignton.

Arrington wrote an insightful, interesting, and important article on LifeLock titled “The Very Organized Hit Job On LifeLock.” Arrington’s instincts are right on. His guesstimate that one of the Credit Bureaus was behind a smear campaign to discredit LifeLock was right on the money. As a former credit bureau representative, I have seen first hand (albeit 10 yrs ago) examples of why LifeLock is a pain in the neck to the credit bureaus. Suffice it to say that LifeLock provides a layer of protection the bureaus claim to provide-yet seldom perform well.

Ultimately it is up to every American consumer with a credit history to police their identities, credit profiles, and possible attacks against their social security numbers. In my opinion, LifeLock is a good place to start this monitoring.