Student Loan Scandals Abound: “Where Do San Francisco Parents Turn for Help?”

The rocket-jet stratospheric rise in College tuitions is hitting an all time high with no end in sight. This is a monster burden most parents are not prepared to take on when the time comes to send their children to college. Complicating and aggravating matters is the ongoing student loan scandal that continues to rock the nation’s universities.

In one of the worst examples of kickbacks, the University of Texas (Austin) fired their Director of Financial Aid Lawrence Burt. According to the University, the firing was handed down due to “improper conduct.” This conduct included “the determination that Burt had more ties to a student loan company than had been previously known and that Burt had begun recommending the lender to students a few months after he bought stock in it’s parent company.”

With multiple stories of this ilk littering our scholastic landscape, it is no wonder parents are feeling distrusting, outcast, and unsure where to turn for financial help. High schools are understaffed with guidance counselors often assigned hundreds of students. In many cases these counselors are not informed in alternative forms of student tuition financing. The information flow can be slow or even misinformed in some cases. Where do parents turn for answers?

Consequently “College Planning Specialists” main platform will be to provide pertinent, alternative, and important financial aid information for the parents of college bound students in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information about the student loan alternatives, we invite readers to follow our upcoming series “Student Loan Alternatives: Answers for Parents.” If you need immediate assistance, please contact Dan Evertsz of College Planning Specialists 415 756.6007.

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