Pioneers of the Sexual Revolution: Jim Mitchell Gone But Not Forgotten!

For anyone over the age of 45, the late 1960’s, 1970’s, and the early 1980’s were a time of Sexual awakening and revolution. Norms and traditional roles for women and men were being challenged, sexual behavior was being redefined, and an awareness of one’s “body” was both embraced and encouraged.

One of the driving forces behind this freedom of expression were the Mitchell Brothers. Jim and Artie Mitchell, two local boys from Antioch, created a pornography empire with their crown jewel centerpiece the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre in San Francisco. Jim and Artie challenged and fought for freedom of speech and expression for 30+ years. They pioneered and paved the way for many of the freedoms enjoyed by the television, cable television and print medias today.

The “boy’s” crowning achievement was their production of the movie “Behind the Green Door” starring Marilyn Chambers in 1972. The movie was and still is considered the “Citizen Kane” of the pornography world; it was the most successful film of it’s time and spawned an entire industry. Chambers went onto world wide fame and the Mitchell Brothers empire was off and running.

It was with a sad heart and fond memories that Jim Mitchell, surviving Mitchell Brother, was laid to rest at a Memorial service in his hometown of Antioch, California on Thursday. Funeral attendees included former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, writer Warren Hinckle, and ex San Francisco District Attorney Terrence Hallinan. Also amongst the crowd were movie producers, strippers, actors, and other entertainment people.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle reporter Peter Fimrite: In a final and fitting tribute, Mitchell’s son Raef stood up and said that although his father had his faults, he was a man of his word. “He always told me, ‘Son, I’m not the greatest man. I’m not perfect,’ Raef said. “Don’t try to be the greatest man. Just be a man.’ ”

God bless Jim Mitchell not a great man but definitely a man’s man.