Huron Consulting Group Provides Information to 1031 Tax Group Victims: “Beware of the Hand That Feeds You!”

In “Victims of Okun and McGhan: Where Do We Go For Answers” I made a plea to any politician or participant in the tax proceedings for fresh information and answers. The answers I was hoping to elicit were the type that would describe exactly why the losses occurred and how they would be avoided in the future.

I then reprinted two comments I received from two separate victims of each of the 1031 swindles. My goal was to show everyone (reading this blog) the hurt and anger the victims are feeling. In addition I wanted to highlight cases where the victims had lost most if not all that they saved for their retirements. Real people devastated by this situation. A look at the unfortunates.

Although it is early, as expected, I received nothing from any of the politicians who claimed to be “looking into” or “working” on legislation for 1031 Exchange reform. As I expected, I have heard nothing from the Federation of Exchange Accommodators- Qualified Intermediaries only trade organization.

In a move true to their public relations media management role in the Okun case, I received information links from Huron Consultants. In “1031 Advance: Van Prooyen-Greenfield LLP Initial Contact Points for Clients” I documented the fact that these organizations were hired as spin doctors for the Okun disaster. The following are excerpts from that article and concepts to think about when reviewing the “new” information provided by Huron Consulting Group (below) :

Background on Huron Consulting Group
Huron Consulting Group helps clients effectively address complex challenges that arise in litigation, disputes, investigations, regulatory compliance, procurement, financial distress, and other sources of significant conflict or change. . “

Van Prooyen-Greenfield:

“We devise and execute communications campaigns that create and sustain competitive advantage. Clients involved in high-profile litigation depend on us for strategic communications counsel to press their case in the court of public opinion.

The following was a comment in response to “Victims of Okun and McGhan: Where Do We Go for Answers?” written by These are the sources of information provided to me. Critique this information with a regard for it’s source. My next article will examine the following comment and links provided by the Huron Consulting Group:

There are now three websites with information for customers of 1031 Tax Group and its affiliates:

  1. – managed by the – managed by the Claims Agent, provides links to all the filings in the bankrupcy case (no charge to download as opposed to PACER) – managed by the Unsecured Creditors Committtee, which represents all of the customersComment by Huron Consulting Group — July 18, 2007 @ 12:26 pm | Edit This

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