Man of Honor: When You Don’t Have a Best Girlfriend to Stand In As Your Maid of Honor

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I will never forget that phone call I received eight years ago this summer. The call was from a dear friend who was excited to tell me she was, in her own words, “finally” getting married. Little did I suspect that the next thing out of Megan’s mouth was the following salvo: “And I want you to be my Man of Honor.”

Man of Honor? I thought what the heck is a Man of Honor except some old Italian relative hanging out at his favorite “social club” sipping espresso and waxing nostalgic-with his bodyguard. Megan’s explanation was simple.I was her closest friend and she did not have any girlfriends at the time that would fit the bill. I was honored and I accepted her nomination. My only condition: no dresses! As it turned out, I was safe.

According to the wedding site, these are some of the major tasks assigned to the Maid of Honor:

*Decorate reception site

*Pick up or receive wedding flowers; distribute bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages

*Stand in the receiving line

*Participate in the wedding photos

The only tasks that a Man of Honor could not perform that a Maid or Matron of Honor could perform is that of fashion consultant: adjusting the dress, fitting the veil, and helping the bride get ready.

Consequently, the role that a traditional Maid of Honor would perform can be performed by a Man of Honor. What is most important is that both the bride and groom feel comfortable with the role reversal, the bride feels supported in exactly the same way as if she had chosen a bridesmaid, and the Man of Honor acts as a rock of support for his friend-the bride.