Hearst Mansion: “Nation’s Most Expensive Residential Listing-$165,000,000 and The Godfather Too!”


Newspaper Magnate William Randolph Hearst’s Beverly Hills mansion was listed for sale on Monday for the record (American Residential property) price of $165,000,000. The mansion gained national fame as the digs for Hearst and Marion Davies. According to Jeff Hyland, author of “The Estates of Beverly Hills“, the compound sits on 6 1/2 acres and includes four houses, an apartment, a cottage for staff, 3 swimming pools, a disco, and a state of the art movie theater. Charles County Cafe has a fantastic picture of the grounds from ground level and an equally interesting article on this property!

According to the Los Angeles Times reporter Annette Haddad the seller is attorney Leonard M. Ross. Ultimate Homes Magazine publisher Rick Goodwin reports that “six U.S. residences have come on the market with nine-digit price tags in the past year.” The Hearst mansion price tag surpasses the asking price of $155,000,000 being sought by a group for their Montana based estate and the $135,000,000 price tag of an Aspen compound being sold by Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

And if this is not enough cache, the final coup de grace is the fact that this property was the setting for the movie mogal scene in the original Godfather movie. The beautiful grounds with reflecting pool, gardens, and swimming pools remain intact. The only thing missing is the horse’s head. . . as Michael Corleone said “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”


14 thoughts on “Hearst Mansion: “Nation’s Most Expensive Residential Listing-$165,000,000 and The Godfather Too!”

  1. Hey, thanks a million for the post. Man, must say this mansion certainly was one of the fascinating houses of all. The whole Beverly Hills is passing speculations over this gem of a mansion. This property sure makes a thrilling property deal. Hey dean, please make keep us informed on more on such news on the same lines. Because as a professional broker and a blogger my interests in property is always at its peak. I even go through the various search portals to find gem like properties. From the last few months I have been using this real cool site called the resortscape, however, before this I was using the V-flyer but now after using this, I feel nothing can better this. It simply is amazing, as not only it gives fantastic properties but also keeps me updated on all latest properties. Well, can you also confirm me that this sale is actually a record as I really have a pinch of doubt about it. Thanks! Peace..

  2. Gracy,

    Thank you for such kind words. I just visited resortscape and I loved it! The following is a link to an article written by my good friend and collaborator Pat Kitano of transparentre.com. Here is the link which mentions resortscape http://transparentre.com

    Gracy I would love to learn more about you and your blog. Please write back soon! Thank you.


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  4. this is stupid as _uck…. y the hell would any one pay that much money for a _uckin house?!?!?!? they are the most stupidest person(s) ive ever heard… EVER!!! even if i had that much money, i could find better things to do with it… _uckin retardedi tell u~!!!!!! _UCK PPL PISS ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. AJ,

    Sorry for the editing but I had to do it. I think everyone gets your idea(s) though.

    I am half Canadian so I am a bit puzzled at the anger. I know Alberta is cold real cold but why are you so pissed off?

    Econ 101 AJ. If there is a market that will pay your price then give them what they want and get what you want in return.


  6. woww this house is huge. my house is only worth 3,000,000 dollars not like this one. i have 2 inground pool. one inside the house and one out. i have 8 bederooms and 7 bath rooms. my house is niceee

  7. I could never afford something like this. Even if I could I am not sure I would buy it. It’s too big. And since I am not married or have any kids all that room to myself would be a waste. Well, I have three cats but unless they worse a GPS I would never find them again. Haha.

    Anyway, I love snooping through large homes to see how the better half lives. I took a tour of the Hearst Castle in San Simeon. What an amazing place! I am sure this home is just as beautiful. Maybe more so because I like the Spanish architecture. I used to live in the Goleta/Santa Barbara area and there are lots of structures there that are heavy in Spanish influence.

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