The Name Game: “The Detail that Many Realtors Fail to Understand”

What’s in a name? When it comes to real estate names/brands for either a brokerage or Realtor, recognition can mean the difference between getting the deal or losing the deal.

Agents and brokers understand that to build a “name brand” persistence in marketing pays off. The successful Realtors and brokerages market and advertise 24-7-365. Newspaper and trade magazine advertisements, flyers and door hangers, sponsorships in local charities, and placards on super market baskets or dividers are just a few methods of creating and maintaining name recognition in a market.

These methods have worked successfully for many years in the real estate industry. The challenge now is to create the same name recognition in the online world of the internet and the burgeoning social network phenomenon. In this environment, an agent’s choice of name for his/her business is a critical decision. The following are examples of how a business name can be ineffective or effective in garnering recognition in the online world.

The example is Frank Soda’s company “Sunshine Realty and Marketing.” Frank is a fantastic agent with decades of experience in Marin County, California. This is Frank’s niche of expertise that he has earned through hard work, dedication to detail, and a consistent marketing effort.

In the first scenario, the challenge Frank faces in the online world is how people will search on Google for his business: “Sunshine Realty and Marketing.” Most people searching online will search using the tags “Sunshine Realty” failing to add the remainder of the name “and Marketing.” This is understandable and it is detrimental to Frank’s marketing efforts online.

In a Google search (July 9, 2007) using the phrase “Sunshine Realty” Frank’s business shows up on page 3 in the 29th position. The majority of Realtors placing on page 1 and ahead of Frank are Florida based agents. Consequently the name “Sunshine” is generic and popular which acts to lower Frank’s position on this Google search.

In the second scenario, the key to recognition for Frank online ( in the name game) is that people searching for him input the entire business name. Therefore “Sunshine Realty and Marketing” becomes very powerful. It is the “and Marketing” that differentiates and identifies Frank online. The proof is the following.

In a Google search (July 9, 2007) using “Sunshine Realty and Marketing“, Frank has the #1 and #2 positions on page 1 of Google. This is the strongest and most desirable position to be in on a Google search of your business name.

Consequently the name you choose for your real estate business can greatly effect your marketing efforts online. Try to choose a name that is descriptive rather than generic. If the name you wish to use is popular consider adding to that name. Your additional word(s) will help you differentiate your brand from others online.

The ultimate tool for your next generation online marketing effort is blogging!