Capture Wiz: The Best Tool for Realtors to Capture Pictures and Screen “Shots” for their Blogging Purposes

One of the most challenging aspects to blogging is the technological hurdle this activity presents to new participants. Within this learning curve resides a number of valuable skills you will attain with a little research and lots of practice. One of the most important functions you will use is the ability to download pictures or “screen shots” to your blog posts. The best, most practical, and feature rich tool we have encountered is Pixel Metric’s “Capture Wiz” widget. The following is a step by step basic instruction on how to use Capture Wiz:

Capture Wiz, by Pixel Metrics, can be found at At this site you are offered a 30 day free trial in which to utilize the software and analyze it’s effectiveness. Capture Wiz comes in two formats: Capture Wiz Lite and Capture Wiz Pro. For your purposes, Capture Wiz Lite is the best choice.

Once you have registered and downloaded your “Free 30 Day Trial”, you are ready to begin learning about Capture Wiz. Capture Wiz is a tool to help make uploading pictures to your wordpress blog seamless and quick. It allows users to “capture” full screen shots or pictures to be placed on a blog post. Even more interesting is the fact that Capture Wiz gives the user the capability to capture “screen shots.” Screen shots are simply any size portion of a picture, image, or page you wish to use in your blog post. An example of a screen shot is the image below:

Capture Wiz Tutorial

The screen above is from the Capture Wiz site. The “screen shot captured” is encircled in red. Capture Wiz allows the user to save portions of images and pictures for uploading to your blog post. The Capture Wiz site provides a fantastic 5 minute tutorial with pictures that is self paced.

Here are instructions on the “Basic Screen Capture” a 3 Step Process:

Step 1: Move your mouse to the Capture bar and click “Area.”capturewiz-step-1.jpg

Step 2: Select an area by dragging the mouse (outline the desired area with left button held down then released once desired area is captured) capturewiz-step-002.jpg

Step 3: The Output tool bar opens. Choose the 2nd output icon titled “Save.” This will allow you to save the captured image to the hard drive on your computer. NOTE it is very important to save all images in JPEG format as that is the preferred format used by your wordpress platform. When saving you will create a folder in your document section.


Once you have completed this task, you are on the last leg of your journey to having your desired image up on your post! All that is left is to go to the section for “uploading” pictures located just below the “content” box where you compose your posts on wordpress.

At the top is the “File” box which allows you to search for your capture wiz image that you just placed on your hard drive. Type the name of your capture wiz file and hit the “Browse” button to the right. A screen will pop up showing you your saved files. Select the file you wish to “upload” to your post and click “open.” The file you chose will then appear in the “File” box. Continue down to the “Upload” button below and right of this section and click on it. Your image will show up in a editor box. This allows you to choose, in the Show section, the size of your image either “thumbnail” or “Full size.” Below, in Link to:, you want to always chose “File” so that the picture can be uploaded to your post.

You will also be able to position your image by placing the cursor within the “content” area where you wish the picture to be placed. Click on that position and then move the cursor back down the page to the “Send to Editor” button and click on it. Your pictures should be in place within your post in the desired position. Remember to click on “Save and Continue Editing” so as to back up your work.

The best success with this handy and clever tool is to practice, watch the tutorials, and have fun!


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