“Marin-Extrodinary Living”: Lifestyle Magazine with Power

“Lifestyle” magazines are all the rage in the San Francisco Bay Area. These publications promote each targeted area by evangelizing the “lifestyle” that area represents. A rarely recognized but powerful fact is that these magazines are very helpful to Realtors who wish to promote their properties and their careers. One of the best magazines for just this campaign is “Marin-Extraordinary Living.

The magazine is a veritable “Who’s Who” of Marin Counthy Real Estate. Such long time luminaries as Marilyn Rich ( and daughgter Whitney), Connie Irwin, Susan Bowman, Steve Gregory, Anna Pennington-Boucher, Marian Sichel, Natasha Najafi, Jimmy “Marin” Wanninger, and Tracy McLaughlin grace the pages throughout.

The high quality photography, elegant fonts and style, set up, and interesting lifestyle pieces make this magazine a must read for anyone living, looking to buy or sell, or wishing to advertise in Marin County.

The following are a sample of properties advertised in Marin-Extraordinary Living:

*3245 Paradise Dr., Tiburon

*99 Lyford Dr., Tiburon

*55 Sir Francis Drake, Ross

*335 Willow Ave., Corte Madera

*11 Leona Dr., San Rafael

*1065 Meadowsweet, Corte Madera

*100 Wolfe Canyon, Kentfield

*24 Summit Dr., Corte Madera

*366 Lovell Ave., Mill Valley

*126 Marion Ave., Mill Valley

*23 Leona Dr., San Rafael

*507 Easterby, Sausalito

*33 Rose Ave., Mill Valley

*612 Chaparral Circle, Napa

*16 Sheridan, Mill Valley


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