Active Rain: A Great Beginning Point For Real Estate Professionals!

Active Rain bills itself as a “Free on-line community for real estate professionals designed to help them promote and grow their business.” To date, Active Rain has 35,688 members nationwide. This is one of the best places to beginning expanding your on-line presence through social networking within a community of like minded real estate professionals.

Here is how Active Rain has built their networking community:

“To help build a thriving community we’ve included a point system to reward members who make the greatest contributions. The more points you earn the more your business is promoted on-line. Creating a thorough profile is the first and most effective way to get noticed online and earn your first points. You can also gain points by inviting other real estate professionals from your market, and by writing about your experiences in the industry.” The point system is a popular way to get people to actively and consistently participate; this is what has separated Active Rain from their competitors.

Becoming a member of Active Rain is as easy as the following steps:

1. Click the “Join Us” tab under “Welcome to the Community” or the tab along the top toolbar on the right side “join.”

2. “Joining Active Rain” screen begins the process.

3. Once you have registered, an email is sent to your email address with a link. Go to this email and follow the instructions to finish your registration by clicking on the link.

4. The link you clicked will bring you back to Active Rain’s About page. Here you will fill in information about you, your business, and the community you serve. This step must be done before you may activate your profile in Active Rain.

5. Once you have completed your information, your Active Rain account is activated. You will then view a page which gives the statistics for you: Score, Rank in State, County, City. In the right side column are statistics for Members Invited/Referred, Blog Posts, Featured Posts, Comments Received, and Comments Made.

That is it! You can now begin to explore people’s blogs, comments, and ideas. Take a look at the FAQ page to understand what consumers are asking for and their needs. Also investigate professionals in your area to understand your competition, network with them, and begin to build your on-line presence. Stay active, be consistent, and have fun making new friends: social and business networking at it’s best!


2 thoughts on “Active Rain: A Great Beginning Point For Real Estate Professionals!

  1. Amado,

    It is interesting. Active Rain gives you a place to begin to explore blogging, networking with agents from around the country, and it gives you the opportunity to get noticed.


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