The “F Shape” Theory:”Do Foreign Languages Which Read from Right to Left Follow a “9 Shape” Pattern?

The blogisphere is an explosive citizen journalistic opportunity with rich social networking possibilities. Consequently attracting traffic to your blog is a very important development. The “F Shape”, as detailed in Chris Hotz fine article on Real Estate Tomato, is a very important theory to understanding how reading patterns effect your blog traffic. How does this theory work in languages other than English that are read from right to left?

With this idea in mind, is it possible that languages written for people to read in a right to left manner would adhere to a “F Shape” pattern of reading–in reverse? Simply put would readers of Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, and other right to left read languages follow a “9 Shape” pattern in reading our blog articles?

Google and other search engines provide “translator” software that will translate your English text articles into dozens of foreign languages. As a marketing tool, the idea of translation is very interesting here in California. Huge Chinese and Arabic communities reside in the San Francisco area; translating for this population could lead to wider exposure and new business possibilities.

Consequently it is always fun to experiment with blogging and blog marketing. If any bloggers who write in foreign languages could answer this question for us it would be of great benefit. The “F Shape” and translation may be steps for everyone to investigate.

I am happy to announce that I will be highlighting my “Realtor of the Week” beginning this week with Frank Soda of Sunshine Realty of Sausalito. Frank has been a successful Marin Realtor for over 25 years; his web site is a rich inventory of tips and real estate community information. Thanks to Frank Soda for his work and effort with the Independent Brokers Network aka; we look forward to the monthly gatherings!