LinkedIn: “Powerful Social Networking Perfect for San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate Professionals”

LinkedIn: “Relationships matter” is the tag line used for one of the most powerful Social Networking sites available to Realtors today. LinkedIn currently has 11 million “experienced professionals” with the goal of networking to increase their business and social profiles on the internet.

The sign up process is fairly simple:

1. Join LinkedIn screen asks for name, email, and creation of a password.

2. Experience and Industry screen allows you to tell the world your position, company, and industry of expertise. This information industry specific contacts and new relationships to take shape.

3. Education screen helps you describe your educational background helping you connect with past alumni or old college friends.

4. The “How do You Want To Use LinkedIn” is extremely useful as it gives specific uses on how to best connect within the network. It is divided into two Screen Menus:

To Find-What can your network help you with” This menu has the following options (you may check some or all of these options)

*Job Consulting Contracts *Reconnect with Colleagues *Stay in Touch with Colleagues *Hiring employees *Selling Products and Services *Investigating Deals with companies *Finding information about industries products and services *Finding a job *Finding professionals interested in my new venture or product.

To Be Found: What kinds of things do you want to be contacted about?

*Messages from friends and colleagues *Requests to provide job references *Career Opportunities *Contract or Consulting offers * Inquiries about a position with me or my company *Deal proposals for my company * Requests for your expert opinion *Proposed discussions about new ventures or products.

All of these options provide a rich information profile in which people can seek you or your company out. It also drills down to ensure that you receive pertinent and important contacts. LinkedIn truly links you in to Bay Area professionals.


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