How Would You Like to Purchase the Last Available Island in the Most Exclusive Bay in the United States?

That’s right. . . the last available property, (island) surrounded on all sides by water, is “Red Rock Island” in the San Francisco Bay. Asking Price for this exclusive property: $10,000,000. According to the Marin Independent Journal “David Glickman, a Bangkok-based gem dealer and attorney, wants $10 million for the 5.8 acre, uninhabited island in the shadow of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Glickman purchased the island for $49,500 in 1964.

This property holds a special place in my heart as I attempted to put together an investment group to buy the island in the early 1980s. At that time, our vision for the island was of a luxury yacht marina, hilltop restaurant, and social club combination. Plans were in the works to lease a luxury ferry to deliver patrons to and from the island, secure parking on the mainland, and bring in a winery as a co-owner sponsor.

Like many well intended projects, our vision was harpooned by the endless wildlife moratoriums, state legislative bodies, county ordinances, and tax issues involved in converting this uninhabited island into a developed property.

If you have dreams of island ownership on US soil, if you want to own the last available island property in the San Francisco Bay, or you just want to play your own version of “Pirates of the Caribbean” then look no further–Red Rock Island awaits!


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