Twitter: Social Networking with Limited Possibilities.

Twitter, like the name implies, has a sort of nervous energy surrounding it. Twitter bills itself as “A Global Community of Friends and Strangers asking one simple question: What are you doing? Answer on your phone, IM, or here on the web.”

Twitter is well suited and very valuable to people attending conferences, workshops, or tradeshows. The ability to find your co-workers or friends’ location and activities is valuable in these settings. Twitter acts like a “pager” (old technology but) effective in quickly communicating, in small bites, with your party.

It is very easy and quick to set up your Twitter Account. On the homepage at the right sidebar you will see the box “Want an Account?” “Join for Free” and under this “It’s fast and easy.” Click into this box and you are presented a simple sign up screen. Follow the easy to use instruction and you too will become a Twitter member.

Fortunately the majority of users are not spending every waking moment in a tradeshow, conference, or workshop. Consequently in everyday business life, Twitter becomes the equivilent of your well meaning but very nosy “Italian Grandmother.” Simply put you are constantly receiving questioning “Twitter” messages as to your location, your status, and or your intended plans. Like your dear Grandmother, Mother in-law, or that ugly pager you used to keep strapped to your belt, you become desensitized to the overflow of mundane information–it’s usefullness completely nullified by this fact.

Therefore it is up to you and your habits. If you are willing to share with the world where you are at all times, when you will get to your destination, or what it is you are doing at any given moment then Twitter is for you. If you dislike this complete transparency in everyday life, then Twitter becomes that nosy family member tapping their foot while standing guard at your front door. . .


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