Twitter: Social Networking with Limited Possibilities.

Twitter, like the name implies, has a sort of nervous energy surrounding it. Twitter bills itself as “A Global Community of Friends and Strangers asking one simple question: What are you doing? Answer on your phone, IM, or here on the web.”

Twitter is well suited and very valuable to people attending conferences, workshops, or tradeshows. The ability to find your co-workers or friends’ location and activities is valuable in these settings. Twitter acts like a “pager” (old technology but) effective in quickly communicating, in small bites, with your party.

It is very easy and quick to set up your Twitter Account. On the homepage at the right sidebar you will see the box “Want an Account?” “Join for Free” and under this “It’s fast and easy.” Click into this box and you are presented a simple sign up screen. Follow the easy to use instruction and you too will become a Twitter member.

Fortunately the majority of users are not spending every waking moment in a tradeshow, conference, or workshop. Consequently in everyday business life, Twitter becomes the equivilent of your well meaning but very nosy “Italian Grandmother.” Simply put you are constantly receiving questioning “Twitter” messages as to your location, your status, and or your intended plans. Like your dear Grandmother, Mother in-law, or that ugly pager you used to keep strapped to your belt, you become desensitized to the overflow of mundane information–it’s usefullness completely nullified by this fact.

Therefore it is up to you and your habits. If you are willing to share with the world where you are at all times, when you will get to your destination, or what it is you are doing at any given moment then Twitter is for you. If you dislike this complete transparency in everyday life, then Twitter becomes that nosy family member tapping their foot while standing guard at your front door. . .


One of the 350 Victims of Ed Okun’s Bankrupt 1031 Exchange Tax Group Speaks Out:”The Most Compelling Case Yet for Action to Be Taken!”

In what is easily, the most compelling and worrisome story to strike since 1031 Tax Group empire came crashing down, a victim of this fiasco has shed some light on the terrible situation at hand.

Elizabeth Callanan, one of 350 victims of 1031 Tax Group empire, sent the following email in response to my article on “1031 Exchange Due Diligence: Is Bigger Better When Choosing Your Qualified Intermediary?.” I found her story and information extremely important; I hope other victims of this type of heart ache will stand up and be heard, use this information to their benefit, and report back here in order to keep the flow of information on-going.

“Elizabeth H. Callanan | | IP:

  1. As one of the 350 victims of Mr. Edward H. Okun and the bankruptcy of his 1031 Tax Group, I’ve been reading articles on 1031’s posted here and elsewhere closely. For the record, we did our “due diligence” on Security 1031 Services, LLC (one of the “roll up” 1031’s Mr. Okun had quietly acquired in the two years leading up to this bankruptcy. I say “quietly” because his acquisition of the long term, well known, reputable 1031’s across the country was not at all evident to those who regularly used their services (since he kept all their management teams, including the former owners, in place), nor was his eventual insistence that they transfer their exchange funds (actually held by them in separate accounts identified by each exchanger) into a comingled account from which he then liberally “borrowed” for his own purposes. Security 1031 Services was recommended to me by my real estate attorney as a reputable company with which he had done multiple transactions over the years with no problems (several in the months just prior to the bankruptcy). Security 1031 Services was a member, apparently in good standing, of the FEA (I visited their website as well). I’m not at all sure what that membership or FEA “certification” actually implies, since their only response seems to have been to quickly delete the names of the bankrupt affiliates from their website and otherwise disavow them. It regularly taught 1031 seminars to real estate groups and law schools (which I found on those websites not on Security 1031 Services’ website). It had a fidelity bond for $10 million (the relevance of which is questionable since I had no way of knowing the size of the outstanding exchanges held by Security 1031 Services that bond was intended to cover, but it also seems Mr. Okun must be charged with fraud or other criminal activity in order for them pay off, and in a bankruptcy case, they pay the “estate” whose resources may get distributed first to everyone BUT those of us whose exchange funds constitute the 1031 Tax Group’s only apparent assets. (In truth the 1031 Tax Group’s only “assets” appear to be a pile of worthless unsecured IOU’s for $135 million.) As to advice posted here that the exchangers each insist that their signatures be required to make any transfers to ensure “control” of the exchange funds, my attorney and a close reading of the IRS 1031 regulations would that this would nullify the exchange since the IRS specifically requires the exchanger to surrender all such “control.” When the IRS issued its 1031 regulations requiring that taxpayers surrender control of their sales proceeds to a “Qualified Intermediary,” an industry those regulations created, they should have prescribed as well the oversight responsibility and regulations governing that industry. Their continuing failure to do so has left at least 350 of us reeling and probably put a stake in the heart of the 1031 exchange industry since, despite protests from various 1031 Qualified Intermediaries on this website and elsewhere, there doesn’t appear to be any certain way of guaranteeing the security of those funds.Jun 16, 10:36 AM” — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — 1031 Exchange Due Diligence: Is Bigger Better When Choosing Your Qualified Intermediary?

June 15 Pleasanton Valley Marketing Meeting: Old Friends and New Information!

Every Friday morning, the Valley Marketing Association holds their Realtor marketing breakfast featuring news, information, and listings. Nothing seemed out of place as Jack Copland and Wendy Tannenbaum greeted everyone at the door, Roy Dronkers ran the meeting at a nice pace, Will Doerlich manned the mike and sound system, while Karen T helped Roy set everything in place. Yes everything was business as usual.

Valley Marketing Meeting provides the chance to catch up with old friends and business contacts and John Harper is just this type of contact. John, the author of the Harper Team blog, is the marketing dynamo behind the Keller Williams Harper Team. John’s blog has gained national recognition as one of the top localized real estate blogs in the country. What has made John one of the best is his willingness to push the envelope, investigate, and cover (not just real estate) all topics of interest in his local market. John’s is a guide for anyone wishing to investigate San Ramon, Danville, Pleasanton areas.

As always, John provided some great information on the local Pleasanton market. The following are some of the properties presented for listing at this meeting:

*3705 Silvera Ranch Drive, Dublin; Lani Guerrero- $1,061,000

*11574 Estrella Ct., Dublin; Joseph Mendes- $735,000

*864 Everglades Lane, Livermore; Lydonna Walker- $629,950

*4366 Fairlands Dr., Pleasanton; Collen McKean- $636,000

*5603 Highcrest Ct., Pleasanton; Windermere East Bay Realty- $1,130,000

*246 A Canyon Woods Way, San Ramon; Tammy Pryor- $529,000

For more information on the Valley Marketing Meeting, please contact Dean Guadagni at