Tony Soprano, Mass Media, Blogging: “Somebodies Gotta Go, Somebody Does Not Know, Somebody’s Got the Flow!

Johnny Carson, in his ‘Carnac’ splendor, would have been perfect to deliver the above “title” punchline to this post- but this is no laughing matter. Instead it is a fact: Blogging is powerful and it is here to stay despite it’s detractors. Maybe my other “friends” could put it in the appropriate light?

As they say in the “old country” as uttered by “Don Corleone“: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Or more aptly stated by “Phil“, boss of New York, in the now dearly departed most influential show in television history, the “Soprano’s”: “Somebodies gotta go!”

That “somebody” is the major media who thinks “This thing of ours” aka “La Cosa Nostra” is a passing fancy. Blogging is here to stay! It is the future of real estate marketing and it is the most revolutionary development since email and search engine optimization.

So besides the above statement, what is it that makes Blogging so powerful? It’s the flow! The flow of information, written by “citizen journalists”, across the country and around the globe on the internet. It is connectivity and social networking of blogging that brings people and ideas together. It is the jazz like “free form” reporting of conditions, sharing of information, and collaboration of ideas.

It is the speed of this flow that is the foundation that makes Blogging such an exciting new tool. People can have an instant impact on the landscape rather than wait for their voice to be heard through a “snail mail” like editorial system long the standard utilized by the mass media. Having your “say” and having it now is a simple way to understand the appeal of blogging.

The final piece to the puzzle is integrity. Bloggers are more apt to tell the truth, be transparent in their dealings, and present themselves in a way that is far more approachable than the mass media. Bloggers have fewer favors to perform, editors to satisfy, or back room deals to obey like their mass media counterparts.

Now is an exciting time. You can become part of the history making or remain a spectator. In either capacity, the public wins hands down.