Raising Your Vibration: The Answer to a More Positive Life, Changing the World Through You!

When was the first time in your life you can remember you felt a negative emotion? The very first time you felt hatred anger, jealousy, envy, judgment, impatience, disharmony, imbalance, insecurity, doubt, or fear. Do you remember the repercussions of such thoughts? What if I were to tell you that if you could control your thoughts and reindoctrinate your thought process, you could create a wellspring of inner peace as well as help the world around you? Sound too good to be true? Too easy a solution?

Vibrational Frequency“, according to Sherry Binkelman, is defined as “the rate that atoms or sub particles of a being vibrate. The higher the vibrational frequency, the closer it is to the vibration of light.” Now sit up because what I am about to tell you has happened to me both positively and negatively. Ready? Ok here it is: Each word we speak and thought we think sends out a vibration that attracts to it an experience of like vibration.” In laymen terms, if you think and speak positive thoughts then positive energy will flow to you helping you avoid the negative.

How do we create this raising of vibration and begin changing our life and our outlook toward the world around us? According to Spiritualist Author and dynamo Susan Hanshaw, it is as simple (not easy) as the following:

“Seek an alignment with your inner and outer worlds. Give your essence an authentic life in which to express itself.”

Susan is the author of www.sanctuaryforchange.com and blog. Her May 30 blog post “tips for raising your vibration” was the most important piece of writing I have ever read. It has had a profound impact upon my life and it will do the same for people who allow themselves to believe. In the May 1 article “An Open Letter about Love: This Ain’t for the Faint of Heart” I delve into the ideas of belief and faith. What Susan has presented solidified my belief and faith in a better way of living.

Believe in yourself, have faith in your heart, be positive in your thoughts and dialog with the world; these are the light forces we may all harness for our enrichment and to help create a better world in which to live. . . be well!


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