Best Buy’s Best Deal of the Year: Gateway Notebook MT 3705 $549!!!

Have you ever seen the way your girlfriend or wife reacts when she has scored at a big shoe sale? The glazed over giddy smirk tells you she just lugged home a dozen pairs of her favorites without breaking the bank. It also signals the fact that American retailers are hurting, willing to cut prices to the core, and they are constantly fighting the warehouses for the consumer dollar.

With this thought in mind, I went out looking for a laptop. I was focussed on bargains as my needs are simple. What I found was a jewel amongst junk.

The Gateway MT 3705 is a fantastic machine with the following features and configurations:

*100GB Hardrive

* 14.1″ Ultrabright Widescreen

*Intel Pentium Dual Core T 2060 (1.6 GHz) Mobile Processor

*DVD+/-RW Drive and 4 in 1 Media Reader

*ATI Radeon Xpress 200M Cinematic Graphics

This notebook is configured with Microsoft Vista Home Edition.

For more information on specifications.

The place to find this fun machine is Best Buy stores throughout Northern California primarily the San Francisco Bay Area.


2 thoughts on “Best Buy’s Best Deal of the Year: Gateway Notebook MT 3705 $549!!!

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