Russian Child Smoking a Cigarette: Child Abuse comes in Many Forms!

I have seen some bad things in a full lifetime. I witnessed in full technicolor a stabbing, I have been robbed at gun point, watched a number of horrific accidents, participated in an intervention, performed the heimlich maneuver to save a friend’s life, and I have worked in some challenging environments. . .

But I don’t think I have ever seen something as horrific as the film clip of this Russian child smoking. The idea of an innocent baby being force fed a cigarette, in what appears to be an impoverished setting, really got to me !

So please let me share with you the good news. We don’t have to allow this sort of tragedy to go unanswered in our lifetime. The following is a list of watchdog agencies and charities-please consider contributing as you see fit:

1. Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute:

2. Save the Children:

3.Child Abuse Prevention:

Please consider giving to one of these organizations or to one of your choosing. . .


5 thoughts on “Russian Child Smoking a Cigarette: Child Abuse comes in Many Forms!

  1. “innocent baby being force fed a cigarette”?

    I don’t see that in the video. It looks like a little boy voluntarily smoking a cigarette to me. Where is the forcing, unless you consider handing a cigarette to a kid the same as forcing? And I don’t see any “innocent babies” either!

  2. Sharon,

    Opinions are what they are in this world. The fact I am going on is that I have never seen a kid that young walk into a store and buy a pack. I never have seen a kid that young “understand” that cigarettes are very harmful to a person’s health. A kid that young has no clue about life. Are you saying that this kid understands cigarettes, sex, and life as we adults know it?

    An adult bought the cigarettes. An adult thought it was “cute” to film this baby smoking. An adult is abusing a child.

    If you can justify the actions of the adult that provided the cigarettes to this child, I feel sorry for any man in your life. He doesn’t stand a chance!


  3. I’m afraid you have made some huge assumptions and jumps in logic.
    It doesn’t show an adult handing him a cigarette. In all liklihood, he stole it, or a whole pack of cigarettes.
    After about 4 mins of investigation, it is clear that many East European children are essentially alone on the streets and forced to become self-reliant.
    That includes, at any age, substance abuse and the need to fulfill such addictions.
    As to your response to “Sharon”, I feel sorry for anyone that reads your comments and assumes they are anymore than that – baseless assumptions and opinions with no concrete data to support them.

  4. Dane,

    Ed: According to your url from “who is” by way of you work for the William Wrigley Company in Villa Park, Ill. If you wish to remain under the radar keep in mind that it is easy to trace company url locations, unless you own the company they might not view your use of time in their best interests, and the views that you support are most likely not those that your company would wish to support in public or private

    You are “afraid” of nothing so don’t attempt to sound consiliatory. If you viewed this youtube video then you are in the minority. Why? Because youtube pulled the video roughly 1 month after this very old post.

    Without viewing the video, as I viewed it many times, it makes it difficult to interpret the situation. Let’s say you did see the video. All that proves is that your opinion is different from mine aka we agree to disagree.

    Yes he must have stolen the cigarette and a kid was shooting the video. Let’s say that is true. How do you answer to the body language? If you viewed the video, you would realize that this kid was coached by an adult on how to take a drag off of a cigarette and all the mannerism that characteristic to a long time smoker.

    Simply put no child his age would hold, take a puff, or walk around in the manner this kid exhibited-without an adult teaching him what “looked cool” and how to pull it off.

    The issue is simple: no child that age should be given alcohol, tobacco, or any other drugs regardless of their ” East European” environment.

    Don’t feel sorry for anyone reading comments I have made or any other blog writer. Like Howard Stern states “If you don’t like me don’t listen.” Dane if you don’t like reading me then don’t show back up again it’s that simple.

    When you decide to make the effort to author a blog then you might understand what I mean. One last bit of information: I am frequent free-lance contributor to Fox Business News, Reuters World News, and Nielsen. Those editors and readers have no problem with my ability to examine, observe, formulate opinion, and analyze any subject I have written about so far.

    And please whatever you do NEVER HAVE CHILDREN!


  5. I’m agree with you Dean, things like this should not happen, because directly or indirectly an adult is behind of this situation, but some people prefers live their lifes in a bubble soap or be blind to reality of many children in the world. You’re absolutly right!!! And please don’t stop to say the truth, perhaps many prefer not to believe or be made fools, but there are many others who know and believe that these abominable things can happen and are happening

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