May 23, 2007 Silicon Valley Association of Realtors Los Gatos Marketing Meeting: Documentation is the Key to Preventing Problems

Brian Crane, Intero Real Estate services and Chairman SILVAR’s Los Gatos meeting, brings in a variety of guests with important information. The May 23 meeting followed in the same vein with David Hamerslough as the keynote speaker.

Hamerslough is a Real Estate attorney and Partner at the law firm of Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl and Chuck in San Jose, California.

According to the RHRC website: “RHRC specializes in commercial and residential real property and business litigation and in negotiating complex real estate transactions. Consequently David Hamerslough’s message was clear: document all forms of communication in order to insulate yourself and your business from the actions of your service providers and your own good intentions.” Forms of communication may include most any type of communication during the real estate transaction. It is always best to save everything.

In addition a nice pictorial of the 2007 Silvar Affiliates “Finance Committee” Los Gatos-Saratoga District was included in our morning packets. The following is the committee:

Ann Timmoney Opes Advisors, Co-Chair; Byron Harkey Innovest Corp., Co-Chair; Katheryn Agarpao First Horizon Home Loans; Judy Bettencourt, Countrywide Home Loans; Ericka Brown, Private Mortgage Advisors; Kathy Brown, Washington Mutual; Sharon Butler, Indymac Bank; Stan Carnekie, LG Loan Group; Joyce Conlin, Diversified Capital; Mark Falcone, Countrywide Home Loans; Judy Hamilton, Bankers Network Corp; Jayne Harter, First Horizon Home Loans; Laurie Klatt, Amerimac First Mortgage; Scott Larson, Princeton Capital; Terry Leary, Empire Equity Group, Inc.; Celeste Martino, Indymac Bank; Neil Reid, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage; Nancy Soule, GMAC Mortgage; John Tripp, Foundation Trust; Eric Cutting, Westside Mortgage; Steve Smith, Diversified Capital Funding; and Dave Eshelman, Finet of Saratoga.

The most unusual property listing today ? Craig Gorman’s listing at 14225 Lora Dr. #38. This is a 2bd-2bath condo that was completely remodeled in 2002. The price is $465,000 and that makes it a bargain.


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