Co Star Group Commercial Realtors’ One Stop Shop

Mark Heschmeyer, of the Co Star Group, sheds more light on Edward Okun’s troubles in one of the best and most succinct articles written to date. While reading Heschmeyer’s investigation, I inadvertently stumbled on another find:

Co Star allows commercial Real Estate industry professionals “online databases of real estate information” which helps them to “gain a complete picture of opportunities available across a variety of markets.” In addition industry professionals can access “the industry’s most comprehensive digital library” as well as post one of their own listings.

Other real estate information services provided by Co Star:

  • “The industry’s most comprehensive commercial real estate database with more than 2 million properties representing more than 38 billion square feet of inventory and over 760,000 for-sale and for-lease property listings in the United States, the United Kingdom and France.
  • The largest independent network of researchers and analysts, employing over 1,000 highly trained professionals who canvass the country, interview owners and brokers, inspect properties and examine public records to build accurate, up-to-the-minute information you need.
  • The most extensive commercial real estate photo library, over 3 million high-resolution photographs of buildings, lobbies and aerial views.
  • Flexible suite of reporting analytic and presentation tools, featuring verified sales comparables, tenant contacts and lease expiration dates — carefully compiled and specifically tailored to meet the needs of brokers, investors, property managers, landlords and appraisers.

2 thoughts on “Co Star Group Commercial Realtors’ One Stop Shop

  1. I’m interested to see that you’re so in favor of CoStar. I don’t use CoStar, I’ve been a member of Loopnet for quite a while instead. Although I’ve been intrigued by CoStar, I haven’t found a compeling reason to ditch Loopnet. What do you think?

  2. I wrote this article over a year ago so that is where my opinion was formulated on this subject Paul.

    I believe sticking with a faithful vendor who has served you well is the best bet. It is always good to perform due diligence or research to maintain updated info.

    When I began following the Ed Okun ponzi mess, writer Mark Heschmeyer always seemed to be a step ahead of other media sources, he understood the landscape, and I felt that CoStar might have insider information or connections that would make them advantageous to a broker.

    Sorry if this sounds lame but it is the truth behind this article and my following Mark’s work.


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