1031 Advance: Van Prooyen-Greenfield LLP Initial Contact Point for Clients?

In what now is a series of articles describing the fiasco surrounding 1031 Advance San Jose, the latest development is the Chapter 11 reorganization-restructuring of this company. Huron Consulting Group is taking the reins on this project with James Lukenda named “Chief Restructuring Officer” effective May 14, 2007. Additional information regarding Huron Consulting Group and the law firm Dreier LLP was provided by Amy Greenfield of Van Prooyen-Greenfield. . . but that begs the question: What do we know about Van Prooyen-Greenfield LLP?

Van Prooyen-Greenfield’s About us page professes the following: “a small boutique law firm whose attorneys and senior public relations experts specialize in providing strategic communications counsel. While best known for our work in high-stakes litigation communications, the firm has successful practices in the more traditional public relations areas including reputation management, marketing communications and technology.

With a sophisticated understanding of how the media impacts the ever-changing business and legal climates, Van Prooyen Greenfield LLP is positioned to help our clients’ succeed. We bring a unique blend of legal and media expertise as well as a proven track record to clients whose business needs require litigation communications, public relations and marketing.

We devise and execute communications campaigns that create and sustain competitive advantage. Clients involved in high-profile litigation depend on us for strategic communications counsel to press their case in the court of public opinion. Law firms rely on us for marketing communications campaigns that raise their profile and build reputation in today’s ultra-competitive legal marketplace. Technology companies turn to us for effective public relations that creates name recognition.”

Van Prooyen-Greenfield LLP has two offices:

One Carnegie Hill 215 East 96th St. 19th Floor New York, New York 10128

219 Brannan St. 12th Floor San Francisco, CA 94107.

A few thoughts about this information jumps out at me. The first piece that caught my eye is “. . . public relations experts specialize in providing strategic communications council. . . the firm has successful practices in reputation management. . . ” Van Prooyen-Greenfield then it seems would be taking the roll of media “spin doctors.”

If I am stating the obvious then forgive me. “It goes without saying” is a popular phrase in the English language. Unfortunately it is just this idea that “we all get it without saying it out loud” that can lead to mistakes. So here it is folks: be aware that this law firm represents it’s clients by managing it’s clients reputation within the media.

Van Prooyen-Greenfield is just doing the job they are being contract to perform. Like anyone in the business world, we are paid to perform our jobs. Remember who represents your best interests at home: You!


One thought on “1031 Advance: Van Prooyen-Greenfield LLP Initial Contact Point for Clients?

  1. Edward H. Okun is a spin doctor alright, only its the investor that he has spun over his desk & is giving it to without a kiss, (I could go on, I only have 100K involved, imagine those with millions involved…..sad

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