1031 Advance: Huron Consulting Group to the Rescue ?

The latest information on the 1031 Advance San Jose saga– there is finally a place for concerned customers to look for answers: Huron Consulting Group. My last post was an explanation of the restructuring, provided by Huron, and reorganization that 1031 Advance was undergoing. This is a short follow up to that post. The following is my latest communication received:

  1. Huron Consulting Group | amahnken@huronconsultinggroup.com | 1031taxgroup.com | IP: will have a web page up and running shortly at www.1031taxgroup.com.You may also call the main toll-free number at 888-804-1031.Thank you for your patience while we begin the reorganization.May 16, 3:15 AM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — “1031 Advance”: Private Exchange Company Missing in Action in Silicon Valley

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