Women’s Council of Realtors’ California President Jorgenson Addresses Wine Country Chapter

Today the Wine Country chapter of the Women’s Council of Realtors’ hosted a fantastic event at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel in Santa Rosa. The featured guest was Jeri Jorgenson California W.C.R. President-elect 2008. In addition keynote speakers included Dr. Walter Tom & Domus Consulting Group’s Patrick Kitano & Kevin Boer.

Jeri Jorgenson’s state of affairs address was especially eye opening to the power of this organization. With 250 Chapters nationwide, WCR is the 12th largest women’s organization in the country. Especially interesting is that the average WCR member’s yearly income checks in at $117,000 vs the $50,000 yearly average income earned by members of all other women’s organizations in America.

According to Jorgenson, California recently surpassed Texas and Florida as the most powerful WCR state in the United States. California now has 41 Chapters stretching from Chico to north San Diego. It’s membership of 3,000 also ranks as #1 in the organization. Needless to say this is a organization with clout.

Next up on the agenda was the amiable Dr. Walter Tom owner of the Aesthetic Laser and Vein Center of the North Bay. Dr. Tom gave an extensive presentation on a number of procedures designed to make us look beautiful. Especially interesting is Thermage a non surgical procedure. Thermage is a 1-2 hour procedure designed to help “tighten the skin.” This is accomplished through radio electron waves pulsating over the skins surface. The results were very positive in the pictures Dr. Tom displayed. The crowd was amazed at the results.

If the crowd was amazed by Dr. Tom they were utterly enthralled and wowed by the team of Kitano-Boer. Their presentation “Blogging Your Next Generation Online Marketing Presence” was the talk of the event.

Kitano, a former Wall St. investment banker, led off with “What is a Blog”, a brief history of blogging, and how blogging will effect the Real Estate industry. Especially compelling was his outline of Google Search engine optimization through blogging, Google’s algorithm makeup, and acquiring “Google juice.” Kitano then ended with his most important message (a warning) that Realtors that fail to blog could and will be at a huge disadvantage to those that begin blogging right now. Needless to say the crowd became restless and a bit quiet. . . that is until Boer took over.

With the expressive energy of a intersection traffic cop, Kevin Boer mixed examples with metaphor in a deft presentation. Boer’s description of a blog as a 24/7 Virtual Open House was especially rousing. He also gave fantastic examples of the advantages of blogs as lead generation and opportunity “gold.”

Some of the new friends I met today: Linda Raven: Keller Williams, Santa Rosa; Kim Smith: First American Title, Santa Rosa; Carol Shields: Keller Williams; Denise Beeson: Ca-Bay Mortgage, Santa Rosa; Suzanne Drace: Pacific Union, Santa Rosa; Jeri Jorgenson: WCR-President of California, Livermore.


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