May 2, Silicon Valley Association of Realtors Marketing Breakfast in Los Gatos: “Never Go Outside of The Family”

Today I attended the Silicon Valley Association of Realtors (Silvar) Marketing Meeting at Willow Street Pizza in beautiful downtown Los Gatos. The meeting begins promptly at 8:30am and lasts until 9:45am. The curriculum and rules are the same as the majority of the marketing meetings; a keynote speaker, listings, announcements, coming soon’s, and a review of the upcoming tour. What is not the “same” is the fantastic breakfast and the eclectic host.

What immediately separates this meeting as a pleasure is it’s bountiful and fresh breakfast buffet. For a mere $5.00 you dine on fresh “San Francisco Joe’s” style eggs, bacon, sausage, bagels with cream cheese, a generous fruit cocktail, roasted potatoes, orange juice, yogurt, and coffee. It is fresh and it is delicious!

If the Walnut Creek marketing meeting is known as “one of the most powerful and well attended” and Campbell is known for their “Johnny Carson like President “Rusty”, then Silvar should be characterized by it’s eclectic Willow Street Pizza owner: Michael Jacobi. Michael, a native New Yorker, the size of a tight end, with an acerbic quick wit stands watch over the proceedings. Jacobi has a Vito Corleone aura and the ability to trade barbs faster than a Don Rickles Vegas act.

A recent example outlines Jacobi’s rath. One well established Realtor and friend of Michael’s found out-the hard way. This poor soul had just finished working out so he was in his workout gear. When Michael’s “friend” asked a question of the audience, Michael chimed in quickly with “I’ve got a question. . . Did you mug Richard Simmons?” The crowd went silent as unfortunately for the “friend” his forest green velor running suit and choice of shoes was a close Simmons match.

Even more unfortunate was the fact that I laughed out loud-hard. . . by myself. Do you know that very awkward moment when you are the only one who belts out a shrieking laugh only to notice everyone staring at you? Yeah it was my turn to hear about it.

In his best Corleone impression, Mike fixes his stare on me and retorts: “Hey Fredo never take sides against the family.” The crowd laughed themselves sick. There it was! I was horrified but I was now “made” by the Godfather of Los Gatos. I made my bones and attained official “flunky” status all at once. I mean come on now. . . freakin Fredo?
What I learned that day was that this meeting has a wonderful group of people. Most of these people have been friends and worked diligently in Silicon Valley for years. They are very likeable and open to new friendships and partnerships. Simply put, Los Gatos has a family like atmosphere and “The Family” like atmosphere.

The following is a list of contacts I made today and a few listings presented:

Michele Testa, North American Title Co., Patrick Kitano Domus Consulting Group, Kim Nettleman First American Exchange.

*123 Old Orchard Ct., Los Gatos $1,200,000

*122 Whitney Ave., Los Gatos $1,599,888

*18124 Daves Ave., Los Gatos $3,895,000

*15177 Park Dr., Saratoga $3,999,888

*19635 Redberry Dr., Saratoga $4,998,000

*3673 Gavota Ave., Cambrian $800,000

*68 Sunnyside Ave., Campbell $1,075,000

*300 Union Ave., Campbell $485,000

*208 Watson Dr., Campbell $399,000

*18960 Mcfarland Ave., Saratoga $2,595,000


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