An Open Letter About Love: This Ain’t For the Faint of Heart

The following is inspired by the special woman I love in my life-you know who you are; and the gratitude I am attempting to express to her and all those people lucky enough to be in my position. It is neither a guide or “how to” expose; rather it is written from the heart to the heart. It is a “Thank You” note to my girl and possibly inspiration for another soul to honor their special someone.

The word “Faith” as defined by The Oxford: American Desk Dictionary & Thesaurus has many meanings. My favorites are the following: ” complete trust or confidence; duty or commitment to fulfill a trust, a promise etc.; allegiance. Faith is the ultimate reality we all wish to experience. It gives promise, it manifests positive thinking, and it acts as a guide during the toughest of times. Faith in a person is the ultimate gift you can give. But here is the secret: it is a gift as much for you as it is for that loved one. Faith rewards your soul by being the catalyst for the law of attraction within our abundant and giving universe. In order to experience the calmness and power of Faith in yourself and a loved one, you first need to believe.

According to our friends at Oxford, the word “Believe” is well defined–here are my favorite definitions: “accept as true or conveying the truth. think; suppose. Have faith in the existence of. . . have confidence in. I covet the last two of these definitions. I choose to have faith in the existence of love between my girl and myself and confidence in that faith.

Now here is the esoteric power behind these concepts: The true strength of your belief and faith are rewarded by the universe. The universe is constantly listening and constantly giving. If you believe in something or someone strongly, if you develop a bullet proof faith in that something or someone, the universe will provide for you.

Simply put, I am in love with a amazingly intelligent and loving woman. Her belief in me as a person has inspired me. Her faith in me as a partner in love drives me to be the best person possible. We believe in the universe and it’s plans for us as a couple and as individuals.

If any of you wish to covet your loved one or honor them for believing or having faith in your union, please act upon your feelings. Tell that loved one how special they are to you. Express your belief in them; show them the faith you have for them and your relationship. By honoring your special other, you will be confirming what the universe all ready knew–you were meant to be. . .


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